The wife of bath is a clever, determined, open and yet cunning woman. She could be compared and contrasted with Mrs. Hillary Clinton; the 67th secretary of State of the United States of America as follows;


Both women have the drive for sovereignty. They are also self motivated feminists. They are also successful. This is illustrated as follows;

Hillary Clinton is the first woman as an American first lady to run for civic office and first female senator to represent the state. She is also the first former first lady to work in the president's cabinet and the first first lady to hold a postgraduate degree and to have her own specialized career up to the time she got into the white house. She would have been the first female president in America's history if she would have won the 2008 American general elections and is looked upon to be the most empowered and influential women in America.

The wife of Bath is conscious of the power of the feminine splendour. She is a feminist who doesn't want men to push her around. She is independent as she is not afraid to be inherent in a men dominated world as not many women went on pilgrimages.


Hillary Clinton is a decent woman who is married to Bill Clinton only. The wife of Bath has had multiple husbands. Hillary Clinton was very discreet about Monica Lewinsky's affair with her husband and the tribulations in her marriage. The wife of Bath openly told people openly that she buried her five husbands and was married since the age of 12 years. Hillary Clinton is an excellent role model for anyone who would want to emulate her. The wife of bath isn't everyone one would easily look up to because of her negative character traits in her sex life. Hillary Clinton is mostly a humanitarian and a politician. The wife of Bath did not have a profession.


In summary, the wife of Bath has her pros and cons as a character. She has resemblances as well as distinctions in her traits toward Hillary Clinton.

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