This assignment basically deals with the importance of having to our exposal the different sites in the internet that makes work easier and easier. Our discussion would to try figure out the Importance the internet is impacting on the labor market.

Moving forward the discussion would be specific in pointing out the different advantages people working from home experience. The motivation they get from working online than engaging oneself in an office. We would also dig in and establish the different kinds of challenges that face these online community individuals. Having established both sides of working, the discussion would steer on and make a conclusion on the most sought after working criterion.

The assignment will make sure to include illustrations that would be considered important in the process of comparison of the two modes of workings. Illustration would be used to cement our points and therefore act as reference point for the discussion at hand.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working-Online as Compared to Office

A mere vision to connect computers in the early 1960’s triggered the plan of developing a wide area network. The need to create a connection of computers arose out of the fact that individuals wanted to share and transfer information on research and development in the scientific and military fields. In 1965 Lawrence Roberts, an MIT graduate established the first link by connecting a computer in California to the one in Massachusetts. This became the basis for internet development and implementation. With that first spark, internet development has been the same again and in fact customized designs have been developed to aid in fulfilling customers’ desire (Howe, 2010).

This technology was later embraced by potential users and it later became a necessity in each and every household for the purpose of communication and chatting. Organizations also embraced it and implemented it in order to cut expenses. People were now interlinked with each other and everyone wanted to make good use of the internet.

Application software was designed to cater for different needs of the organizations: invention of applications such as QuickBooks, Sage among others led to an environment that permitted people to work from far. Unlike in the past where people were expected to work from offices, employees found out that they could work from home and do exactly or even more better work than before. The need to work from home arose out of the fact that resources became scarce. Employees devised ways of spending less as expenses became more and more tight.

Organizations’ later realized that they were in short of office space and  did not want to commit their financial resources in acquiring bigger space but rather embarked on a mission to outsource services in the sense that they contracted professionals, who worked outside their premises and without use of their resources, to come up with the results. This was the initial step of working from home and organizations went as far as outsourcing all their services. The culture of working from office became less and less popular and everybody needed to save money while working at home.

Working from home unlike the conventional way lead to more job opportunities as services were provided on the basis of availability. Employees made more money than before and were motivated by this feature. The major advantage that arose out of working from home was the fact that different tasks were allocated different times upon which to be completed allowing individuals to multi-task as in the case of mothers who ended up cutting cost on baby sitting (Tasche, 2011). Unlike in offices where job routine requires an employee to produce and produce without making breaks, working from home guarantees quality of the total output since someone it allows for time-offs to relax which helps in cooling the brain before embarking on the task again. At home one enjoys working closer to his or her family members and therefore family relationships are cemented.

Sometimes working from home poses a greater deal of challenge especially when someone is completely irresponsible. In order to work efficiently from home it  requires that someone devise ways and techniques of allocating time efficiently lest he or she gets overwhelmed by big pile ups of work that he or she cannot handle and therefore results in lesser revenue that causes the inability to pay bills.

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