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The similarities between the Shakespeare's' play and the tomorrow and tomorrow and so forth shares so many similarities ranging from the setting of the play and the story since story borrows the contents of the play to even the way the authors portrays characters because they seem to posses same traits. The key similarities are existence of fraud in the two books, tricky games amongst characters, and personality evolution throughout the book Fraud can be defined as the quality of being deceptive, trickery, willful deceit or being dishonesty. It can also be defined as a the act of willful deception and dishonesty which is carried out to secure ones advantage or profits to which one is not entitled to, at the expense of another. This paper will outline the similarities between the two books.         

The inferences and Macbeth soliloquy is the bases of the story tomorrow and tomorrow and so forth. Both the play the Macbeth's soliloquy and john Updike's story is the fraudulence in life. In the john's story, classroom has been portrayed as the microcosm of the real life frauds. Mark a teacher makes sarcastic and ironical statements to attack his students. He knows what he is doing but he does it in order to please other students. This way he employs fraud since he is getting advantage at the expense of another student.  At the beginning of the story, he misinterprets student's remarks as a way to crack a joke all in order to make students laugh. The other form of fraud is: A male high-school teacher is drawn into an insensible enmity with a bright boy in the class over a beautiful girl. Teacher after seeing a note indicating that the boy is loved, he is elevated and touched.  His joy is only for a while. It later becomes evident that the girl had been trained by the bright boy to trick the all male teachers (MetalMiike).

In Macbeth fraud is evident with the murders happening in the play. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are well rounded and well developed. By Shakespeare stressing on the emotional sides of these two characters gives them scope. In the eyes of the audience they appear as normal human beings rather than their real characters as murderers. Other characters are not fully developed but as the audience we can still believe in them. Their traits are seen through their dialogues and for the main characters in their prologues. Macbeth, who is the hero of the play, is a man of war.

He is portrayed as greedy, determined, and rash. In the beginning of the play, he is a warrior who is there to serve the king and cannot be able bring himself to kill Duncan for the sake of his throne.  He grows cold with time and forgets his real identity for the sake of self gains. He then kills Duncan. It is only after the murder that his personality changes to guilty one and nears madness.  As the result of this murder he is triggered to commit more murders and dug himself a grave. His cold heart is portrayed by requesting Banquo for his presence in supper for him to kill him.

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Personality change is also evident in Macbeth's wife. She also develops through the play. She is seen as strong, faithful, and ambitious. She is can be viewed as fraudulent since as the book opens she is the one who convinces her husband to kill Duncan in order to get the throne . This also portrays her ambitious nature.  Soon after the murder happens, her personality changes since fear grows in her and she becomes regretful of her deeds.  She is worried of this information becomes open to the people who might drive her insanity (Ahn).

Lady Macbeth does not have respect of human life since when her husband could not kill Duncan, she demands to be given a dagger and she also indicates that both the living and the dead are just bit pictures. This is the highest level of disrespect of human life we find in the book and from this we come to see the hypocrisy in the couple which is carve for power. We also see the craftiness in her to mislead her husband in order to attain power, the same thing that we see how the bright boy plans with the pretty girl to mislead the teacher. The results for being overambitious are seen to lead to downfall. Macbeth tried to stop prophecies of the witches from happening but it happened anyway, the same way in the tomorrow and tomorrow so forth. After Macbeth and his wife being over jealous about prophecy they he ends up killing himself.  This shows the evident theme in the two books that bad things can happen to good people with only one effect of a bad deed. Like in the case of Macbeth, he was loyal to serve the king but due to his ambition, his world fell apart (Friedman).

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Both books employ the use of style in poetic diction by using eloquent words and vivid description of the events. In both pieces of literature the writers uses irony, sarcasm, and drama in order to maintain suspense in their works. The two literatures have been written with a wide range of words and have been written in the formal manners. In both books the words used follows an iambic pentameter rhythm. It can be seen that these books can be compared since the story borrows from the Shakespeare's' play.

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