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The society we are living in today is focused on the consumers as the key stakeholder. The consumers are important people in any industry or society as they are the key determinants of the end products of the services or goods. In the UBB technology, the consumers are the online shoppers, television watchers and the installers as well as the overall users of the UBB package. Key understanding of the psychology of the consumers is key which clearly involves the way they are motivated, what they perceive of the service, feelings on the services offered as well as decision making processes and procedures of the organization. All marketing strategies rely in the understanding of the consumer’s insights and demands. This is considered vital for any organization aiming at making profits as well as seeking economic dominance of the market. In order to make their profits; a company must stay focused in taking care of the interests of the consumers in the industry. Another key aspect that the company must adopt is the need to stay in touch with the clients as a way of addressing their complaints and grievances in the market. This therefore necessitates UBB technology developers to invent and adjust the best strategy possible for the success of the business.

Ultra broadband has been used in Northern Ireland having a connection that uses a modem that uses two frequencies and was referred to as Tibus Ultra Broadband which has come as a flexible and fully scalable communication design that allows prioritization of network channel exchange for excellent speed and quality of service.

This is operated and monitored throughout the day and night with unmatched resilience and availability.

The one who subscribes to install this broadband stand to benefit in that they get to communicate effectively with the client as well as reduced risks of costly down time that is enhanced by extending the network connectivity to other service providers is achieved.

The cost effectiveness of the broadband and the guarantee of complete installation by specialized personnel make it of great benefit to the interested.   The focus on businesses that reduces the number of users which makes it uncluttered that ensures quality in its services. The assurance of continual support and informed advice and fast resolutions is also a benefit. The broadband internet connection is made to go at the same rate as the mobile or fax calls or same phone number.

Other states in which the Ultra Broadband has been implemented are in Europe under the company called Fujistu Telecommunications that has offered solutions that have had high credibility and has been a leading supplier of networking solutions. They advocate that supporting high speeds of Ultra Broadband demands that the interested should upgrade bandwidth capabilities of speeding access and the significant equipment.

Analysis of the UBB’s Competitors based on the Porter`s Models

According to Michael Porter, the presence of products far from the sphere of the common commodities in the market would tend to increase the tendency of customers switching to alternative products in the market. The Ulrabroadband technology been a profitable market as have been highlighted by the market reports and research literatures, there is a probability that the market would draw many other companies which in the same field the same products, a result of the high returns available in the market. Such a phenomenon as Porter pointed out, is likely to trigger new entrances into the market. This would imply that competition in the market would be more intensified, as a result of many new entrants, which will eventually throttle the profitability scale. It’s only through blocking or barring of the new entrances into the market that the UBBs technology would survive the challenge of competition and the go-down in the industries incomes. Porter noted that profit rates would tend to drift to the side of a competitive level in the market[2].

The competition may be stiff, but the company can still play a leading role in the financial market by basing its marketing strategies on the dimensions such as the market price, innovations, quality of the products in the market. Porter argued that technological innovations can assist companied in surviving the competition in the market. This had been witnessed in the internet technology Markets with the launched of new products and modification of the existing products and services in the market. The porter`s forces analysis is concerned with external factors that influence the performance of an industry or an organization. Business firms as Porter recommended have to fully understand the scopes of their markets and industries for them to effectively manage the competitions in the global financial market, arguing that the five forces as he referred to them would determine the ability of the industries relatively in the marketplace.

In general there have been an increasing interest in the study of the forces that can help an organization and industries harness their performance in the global market and to acquire ideas on how to face competitions in the market. These were the kind of ideas that Michael Porter devised in the year 1979 and which were adopted by a number of companies and business organizations till mid 1980s. Porter`s ideas were preliminarily based on the competitive advantage and the ability of a  company to gain a constant profit in the market characterise4d by rigorous competition. The Porter`s five forces if shortlisted are as follows: 

  • Rivalry between the sellers in the market
  • Bargaining powers of the customers and supplies
  • The influence of Supplies on sellers
  • New entrances into the market
  • Substitute products in the market. 

Under the porters analysis of the five forces, the degree of rivalry in the market would help the Industry, in this case the North American Computer Industries, to comprehend the magnitude to which the Industries efforts towards better performance can easily be thwarted by the rivals if they fail to monitor their strengths in relation to the other competitive computer hardware companies in the global market .Understanding the nature of the five forcers is thus indispensible so to speak.

Porter and Sanderson in 1980s and 1998 respectively elaborated that rivalry was not the only competition quagmire in the market, there was also the issues of new entrance into the market, buyers and suppliers bargaining powers and the threat of substitutes of products in the market which they emphasized was responsible for determining the market profitability scale.The North American computer industries are hence faced with all these forces which the companies have to understand and cope with if the development of the industries have to be long termed in the global marketplace

The impact of ultra broadband is widening and it’s taking over the media industry in its application and investors are advised to consider the structures of the Ultra broadband to make effective investment and operational as well as policy decisions. The determinants of effectiveness of the system such as competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and also the geographic circumstances ensures the sustainability of the use of broadband in conjunction with the current state of the market.

Ultra broadband market has continued to be the central focus on the technology and economic sectors as well as policy issues. It has attained a high level of acceptance the worldwide market. Several infrastructure investments needed to be conducted on this new technology and their faster implementation is of great urgency in the world. Previous usage in the American and Dutch market has indicated that a sustainable market design that gives incentive for both telecommunication operators to invest in Ultra Broadband enhancement infrastructure.

A certain number of devices suffer from the difficulty in accessing full coverage at home and particular fragmentations sabotage these efforts. Pressure has mounted on the owners of corporations to update the quality of their services despite the rising global temperatures in the economies. Innovation and access technology, in cooperation with tested strategic and utilization services have enabled the most time efficient solutions to be used comprehensively facilitating the re use of existing network investment when giving certain services regarding the customer demand.   

The ultra broadband as has been used in America for business that have their headquarters there and has experienced per second billing for domestic and international businesses. Data service rates have been determined by the speed of transmission, the service type and sometimes are billed in areas or advance. Internet access options have been traded across several states with government regulation and foreign policy measures as well as market demand depending on the available technology.

Although the major world economies in Europe, Japan, and Australia have given the America a considerable competition in implementation of the Ultra broadband, private firms and businesses have increasingly benefitted from the use of this new technology. The technology is fast spreading all over the world as many nations have adopted the system and attempts to eliminate any amount of expenditure on the internet access and the unwelcomed delays during the same procedure.  More corporations have come up to deliver data access services to the people through the management of the forms and modules of the Ultra Broadband accessible to them.

UBBs Marketing Strategies. UBB has several advertising strategies which have which have appeared in their websites, catalogues as well as print media. In addition they employ the policy of cutting down of prices of their products all year round, offering some of their products and services as free bonuses for every purchase. They also have a package that involves the free shipment of their products to the customers as a way of promoting and increasing the sales of their commodities as a way of offering competition from other players in the business. This has been made possible by the use of various slogans such as “yours is here” as away of designing computers that meets the specifications and the interests of the customers. Several kiosks were set up by UBB technicians in the United States in 2002 followed by the expansion of the same in Australia; Hong Kong among others.UBB has also launched several partnership programs to enable business expansion and reduction of costs.

There have been dramatic revolutions and advancements of marketing slogans in the internet service technology providers through websites. The marketing slogans play a significant role in the Ulrabroadband technology marketing and development as well. Just like advertising does to Marketers and Traders of goods and services. UBB technologies and services across the globe are engaged in a competition in terms of their service deliveries. It is this mounting pressure to provide the best of services in the world that must be the driving force of the perpetual change of the marketing slogans in the UBB technology as well to enable the technology sink deep into the market. Such Slogans like Aim high; Above All; Army Strong; One over All; Broadband Of One; Be All You Can Be, and many other witty slogans have come and gone, and new ones are continuously emerging.

The UBB development experts have to seek the understanding of the nature of their markets, the completion environments and how the markets are affected relatively by the five forces as proposed by Michael Porters and others. This move would help the industries in achieving the future business strategies and objectives. The Industries should device ways that make entrance of new companies into the market impossible, they should continue modifying their products for the best and there should be a constant assessment of the completion environments in the market by the companies. The strategies so formulated to cub competitions from the rivalries, threats of substitute products in the market and the bargaining powers of suppliers and customers should be long-termed and feasible to achieve.

Competition in the UBB technology is likely due to its promising nature, the cases in United States and Canada have been a lethal one, forcing the companies to develop new strategies of management and development so frequently to survive the market forces that were formulized by Michael Porter. These stiff rivalries must have lead to the rapid growth of the UBB market and the expansion of their global marketplace as compared other companies in different fields of business. The Porter`s forces have probably played a critical role in enabling the industries endure the challenges of the market, and stabilization of the market prices for the UBB package.

There seem to be no limit in the developmental nature of the market, as more entries into the market have been realized, new products are being launched more often and the overall competition in the global market is getting scary but lucrative. “Sky is no limit”

The constant evolution of technological innovations are too likely to generate more alternative opportunities into the UBB industry as some reports have pointed out that there is a dwindling growth rate of employment opportunities in the market, predictably between  the years 2004 and 2014  at a startling pace.

Despite the challenges, UBB technology is projected to catch the attention of its clients in terms of its marketing and expansion strategies. The technology is competent in the global markets and the economy is growing at an encouraging pace. Redefinition of the economic policies and the social-political trends has also impacted significantly towards the same growth scale. Being amongst the best manufacturers of computers and its components, UBB has surprisingly shown indications of potential growth in its economy and in the International markets of trade, with a leading role on the provision of one of the best internet connectivity package in the market as well as the provision of the most essential business opportunities.

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