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A careful observation of all outstanding leaders will reveal one factor that propels them to succeed in everything they do. This is the ability to effectively balance between the objectives in their professions and personal interests in their daily life. This is the most appropriate criteria that can be followed by young leaders who desire to soar to greater heights. In writing this essay, the author strives to identify both his career goals and personal interests and then go ahead to illustrate the role that Babson College can play in a bid to shape these goals and interests.

The writer has an undying passion for sports, especially soccer. The amount of exhilaration that the writer derives from watching and playing soccer surpasses anything that he has ever known. In fact, the author was a great soccer player in his earlier years. This passion was so intense that he once considered pursuing a career in the game. Away from sports, the author’s professional goal is to serve as the Managing Director of a prominent business firm. This is the sole reason why the writer is pursuing a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Babson College and even intends to take a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Babson College is a well-established institution that has the potential to hone not only the professional skills but also the personal interests of the author. The institution has highly skilled professors with vast experience in their respective subjects. Because the writer has one of these outstanding professors as his lecturer, it is with no doubt that his success in the business world is imminent. The writer is certain that the skills gained at this college through the professor are all it takes to manage a big business firm in the most appropriate way.

Secondly, the writer is also sure of the up-to-date information acquired from the institution. The lectures are saturated with current trends in the market and nothing happening in the business world goes unnoticed in Babson College. The writer is therefore informed and hence relevant to the modern society. This strength is crucial because it is an added advantage to the author. Since most companies prefer to hire employees who are conscious of the happenings around them, the writer will definitely suit in the market and will have no problem looking for a job.

On the other side, Babson College is well-equipped with sports facilities ranging from soccer to baseball. This is an ideal environment for the author to build on his personal liking of soccer and even try other games such as basketball. Apart from the modern facilities, the institution has also hired qualified coaches in every game. Theses coaches impart the College’s team players and anyone interested with various techniques that go a long way in boosting their skills in the game. The author has been actively involved in the training sessions organized by the soccer coach. This has had a significant impact on the writer as his skills have been improved.

A good Managing Director is concerned about both the professional and personal life of employees. This is where the need for recreation comes in. With the professional and personal skills gained from Babson College by the author, blending of work and sports will be easy for the firm. In fact, the author will be in a position to personally organize and participate in sports events. This will be a motivation to the employees who will obviously enjoy a closer relationship with their leader. Eventually, the author will be set to become a successful leader.

In conclusion, the author of this essay has a lot to gain from Babson College that will be an impetus towards the achievement of his professional goals and enjoyment of his personal passion. The role played by professors, coaches and the entire Babson College community is significant to the author. The author is sure of a prosperous future in all fields because of the knowledge and skills gained from Babson College. 

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