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Kelly Thomas has a very convincing confidence that the security product, the iScanner, will hit the market by bombshell. Cliff on the other side trusts that with the company hiring the new marketing director and with rich innovation and resourcefulness of both Pat and Chris, the company’s slight loss of its glory will be regained together with its expertise. He further believes that with the budget defecit, it is possible to cut down the budgets of all departments by 15% by assessing budgetary allocation in all the departments. Pat and Chris have an idea, which they believe that to remain relevant in the market, there is need to expand the existing markets and the need to meet customers’ needs.

.           They also believe that to come up with effective,”Operatrion Optimize,” the campaign requires minimal investment in order to successfully experiment the market. They also foresee that to meet the launch set objectives of the “Operation Optimize,” there is a great need to increase the budgetary allocation. They assumed that with the great allocation to the project, they were confident that the fruits would be realized after 10 years. Chris Mathias believed that the cutting of budget by 15% will not have many implications on the employees. Pat, however, assumed that there exists a faction within the company who cannot see light on the project launch.

Chris argues that due to the fall in revenues, there was need for early action to curb the situation. He advocated that there was need to cut the budgets of company’s departments by 15 % as he had confidence in Pat .He also argued that there was a demand to employ the use of iScanner technology in the new-fangled markets so as to curb the declining revenues and market shares.

Pat and Chris on the other hand, argued that there was dire need to explore new markets in a view to expand the proceeds and the market, and be a leader in providing solutions to the customers’ requirements. They also had an argument that there was need to use the iScanner and equipment in the retail market to track the customers detail and other information relevant in establishing his/her requirements. To install the project, “Operation Optimize,” it was important to allocate some capital to foresee the project; they further argued that there was need to install the project before the market becomes saturated with their perceived competitors.

Kelly Thomas argued that in the marketing growth, there exist some inconsistencies in investigation and conclusions .He believed that dishing just money to the problem is not a solution. He said that there was a standard procedure to follow, which would make sure the project meets the standards required in relation to the customers’ needs. Chris believed that because Kelly has worked in the department for a longer period, then it follows that Kelly is an expert. This is fallacious in the fact, as it is believed that the number of years equals the proficiency. In addition, Lambert believed he was able to work without Chris yet we know that the roles in the company are interdependent thus; he was being fallacious.

            There was the problem of curbing the sliding revenue of the company thus denying the company to be the market leader. This necessitated the development of new product in the market by the end of the year. This according to the company’s technocrats, required the expansion of the market to the new locations and identifying the customer’s needs. Budget crisis was another problem and this required the cutting of budgetary allocations of all the departments by 15% to meet the demand.

There was also the issue of the perceived competitors in the market. For the case of the iScanners technology, there was another company marketing the same product. The solution to this was to act quickly and colonize the market to counteract them. Meeting the set deadline for installation of the new product was a problem as there was a conflict between the technocrats of the company on installation. There was need for quick launch of the product to counteract the competitors from establishing themselves. There was also an internal conflict on the viability of the project. This was to be solved by contracting the development of the software.

.           The fundamental cause of all the problems in this company is the opposition from within the company especially on agreeing on the fundamental issues. The company in the first place should harmonize the conflicting factions within the company. This will ensure that the deadlines are met but its drawback is that the efficiency will drop. The company also can contract the development of the software to other programming companies. This will be valuable, as the work will be done efficiently and within the stipulated period. The only draw back is the trustworthy of the contacted company as can “sell” the product to your competitors and this will be expensive in terms of labor.

The CEO should ensure that all the departments are in harmony and are working for the benefit of the company. He should bring together all the divergent groups or persons within the company by inspiring to them the sense of teamwork. These among other benefits will ensure that there is efficiency in terms of output within the company; also, the deadlines will be met without straining. Finally, there will be minimal expenses incurred as workforce is drawn from within.

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