I enjoy reading books, to be specific motivational books. ‘Gifted Hand’* is an unrivalled motivational book I have ever read. I discovered that in life there is nothing which is difficult. I learnt several things from the reading which can be summed up as: ‘one should always think big’, ‘prayer is a tool which can be used to overcome obstacles we face daily’ and ‘changing rules is the key to successes’. Previously, I believed that if one does not perform well in class he will never improve, but that is not true because if one puts more effort in education he will automatically improve. The author, Ben Carson should have provided more details on how to improve in class without putting much effort.

There was this mother called Theresa Binder, had given birth to Siamese twin, joined at the back of the cranium (Carson, 2008). The babies’ physician contacted John Hopkins, inquiring if the pediatric surgical team could formulate a plan to separate the twins as well as give them opportunity to live normally. Ben Carson agreed to do the surgery, and he knew that it was the riskiest as well as the most demanding task he had ever done. Furthermore, Ben Carson knew that he would give them a chance to live normally of which he eventually managed. No one had effectively separated Siamese twins joined at the back of the cranium with both surviving (Carson, 2008).

As a result, of this reading I intend to improve in my academics because I believed that I cannot perform well in class. In future, I will make sure I encourage my children to work smart in class. I am still uncertain on methods which I can formulate so that I can get and maintain high grades. Neurosurgery interested me most and I would like to study it in details. I intended to own a school in the future. I will encourage student in my school to read smart. I will also make sure that all the students get a copy of ‘Gifted Hand’. What I liked most about the reading is that nothing is impossible. 'Gifted hands' is excellent as well as impeccable; I do not have an aversion to anything regarding it. I learnt various facts and they can be best summed up as ‘make priorities’, ‘education is important’, ‘nothing is impossible, ‘good things do not come easily’, and ‘always be optimistic’ (Carson, 2008).

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