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Culture is a way of living of people in a certain society. It involves their religious beliefs, language, mode of dressing and other aspects that are unique to that society. It is transmitted through language and through modeling of behavior. Culture has great influence on the personality of an individual. This is because an individual adapts to the values and norms of a certain culture. The values and norms in a certain culture influence the behavior of a person.


The material aspect of culture such as dressing style of a culture has influence on the person. This arises because the socialization pattern in a society depends on the culture in that society. The patterns of socialization shape the variance of personality. For example if a child is shown great acceptance by the parents the child will grow up being social, stable in emotions, have high self esteem and have a positive view of the world (Alan, 2007).

An individual reaction to something is out of social experience. Cultural values play a great role in the way an individual reacts various things. During the socialization process children are taught on what is right or wrong in specific to their culture (Alan, 2007). This influences the perception that they will have to certain things in the future. For example, some cultures accept some behaviors such as sorcery. An individual who grows up in such a society will have a positive perception to that behavior while an individual who grows up in a culture where such behavior is prohibited will react negatively to that behavior. Social experience plays a great part on how people react to many issues.

Traits are the way of biological patterning in the central nervous system which makes behaviors to happen. They are responsible for the consistent, in the social emotional functioning in various situations. This is a position of the nature of trait that I agree with. Traits are unique in different people. This depends on the biological make of a person. This is why people react in different ways in the same situations and also change in their behaviors in different ways. This position is the same as the one that suggest that act frequencies traits are descriptive summary of the behavioral acts (Thorpe, 2007). In this position behaviors which are the same are categorized into families. Some of the acts are expose themselves more than others. This position agrees with the previous first one in that people who are biologically related shows relation in their traits, which shows some biological aspect of the traits. On the other hand, the positions differ in that the first poison is more scientific while the second one is more social.

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