The Horeb Culture

The community that is most suitable and at the same time the first to spread its culture across the world and establish colonies in the entire universe will be the Horeb culture. I came to this precise decision because of various factors that has made me believe that they are the most likely community to spread there culture across all the other cultures in existence because of various reasons.


The political arrangement of the community which in this case is a monarch kind of system plays an important role in that when the community declares war. In order to expand its territory it will be able to do that as the king will have a lot of authority in the decisions that will be approved by the nobles.

The community is also indulges itself in agriculture. This provides the population of the community with food that ensures that the population is well fed and the men and women aren't hungry to the extent of borrowing food from other communities or not being able to defend themselves from attacks by other communities (McMaster University, 2005).

The community also uses draft animals that are much faster as compared to the other communities which don't have or have cattle as there draft animals (Uldune Media, 2010). Thus incase of war the community warriors will be able to conquer there enemies much faster and escape with the use of there horses and donkeys that are stronger and fast.

Technology also plays a greater role in considering the community that is able to conquer the other communities and spread there culture across (Jenkins, 2006). The Horeb community though it records a slow population growth will be able to conquer the other communities from the use of technology, as it has the same technological equipments that the other communities occupies, it has some added advantage on the other community as it has guns and gun powder that will require a small number of warriors to counter attack lots of enemies.

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