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The literary work in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian (2009), Alexie revolves around encounters of an American youth, Arnold, commonly known as "Junior" at his initial stages in high school. The otherwise hard life is softened by the author through humor. Using characters like junior's father, his mother, Rowdy and his grandmother to mention but a few the author clearly brings to the fore thematic concerns such as poverty and transition among others.

When the book begins, life is painted so gloomy for this determined hardworking young man. His family is no better from the rest, with his father opting to end the life of a miserable dog to abscond paying treatment services. Spokane, Junior's lineage is believed to have been engulfed with poverty to even not afford an exercise book. He is forced by circumstances to use a book that his mother used many years back. Junior is seen struggling to change his life despite all these. His supposed uncle is a drunkard just like junior's father. These two paints a clear picture of people who are very useless instead of being role models to the young who are seen trying to change their fate (Alexie 45).

It's strange how people can give up and take to queer behaviors as repeatedly seen in this book. Junior's parents came from a very poor lineage and so are their forefathers. His mother is said to have quit drinking and his father is still drinking. Their family friends are no better with Rowdy's father repeatedly abusing his wife and son. Eugene is a good friend to Junior's father and he likens him to an uncle but keenly observes he's no better either. This is a clear indication of people who are full of desperation and instead of trying to rectify the situation, they opt to die poor. The youths put their best foot forward in ensuring that things change. This is a good start with Junior's sister, Mary, a good writer clears secondary education but still does not give up despite the fact that she does not further her education owing to financial constraints.

The intellects in the society are no better; a good example is Junior's teacher, Mr. P. He's seen as somebody not serious with his profession. He often misses classes with no regrets to make; this greatly affects Junior and the rest. He seems to have lost hope in his students and this greatly contributes to their negative attitude towards his subject and education in general. With these people in the society, dreams can easily be shattered and eventually result to frustration. Mr. P is also a liability in the teaching profession as he is killing it slowly but surely. Such individuals have no business in this promising and vital career.

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Junior is a case study of the young in the society who are tirelessly working to see the society change to no avail. His father and the supposed tutor are a good example of failures in life. Junior's grandmother represents the elderly in the society who still can offer some workable solutions to the problems facing the youths. Such persons, like his father are a good example of bad parenting that is being witnessed in the society today.

Racism is another vice encountered by the young Indian in his struggle to make things change. This is experienced when he transfers to another school and it eventually breeds rivalry. This is an act that should be discouraged as much as possible. It shows that people globally still do not appreciate each other for who they are.  Rowdy, a childhood friend of Junior insults him for expressing his feelings towards a white miss.

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Bad parenting is portrayed by Rowdy's father. He often beat his wife and son. His son appears to read from the same script with the father and is always picking fights with Junior. This does not tarnish the childhood friendship that the two have.  He appears to come to terms with Junior as the book comes to an end and life seems somehow promising. Junior's father is in some instances seen as a good father when he sees him off when going to school (Alexie 278).

In conclusion, it takes an individual to change ones life. With everybody being a drunkard including his parents, Junior comes out unique and strong to change his life for the better save for a few things which do not work to his advantage. Life at Reardan appears so difficult for him and circumstances force him to remain hardened if he is to survive in this hostile environment. Parents are sometimes seen as standing on the way to success of their children instead of being mentors. This is only meant to show how the young in society should not look for the slightest chance to throw everything away. Finally, the strongest man is that whose standing remains when all are falling.

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