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The topic that I picked in week 4 was ‘management in a processing company’ that I was to do some brainstorming and star bursting. I managed to research this topic adequately as required. Management is a practice that involves supervision of subordinates in an organization for the purpose of better productivity. This is not a simple task as it involves controlling human beings who have equal minds to counter. I support the hard work done by managers that requires cooperation in the organization. Managers need refresher courses to be at hand with changing developmental goals. In my research in five companies, four out the five production managers attended more than four workshops every six months. My audience is the board of directors of the production companies and proprietors of any production enterprise. The managers are supposed to improve the working conditions of their workers in an effort to raise their moral. This includes the allowances offered to the managers and their salaries. Managers also need some descent operational terms like provision of transport probably a descent car, medical allowance provisions, and security of tenure. The working ethics of managers is involved in interactions with lower middle class earners who at times have projected anger towards their managers. Due to this, the managers face a large number of rivals from within their organizations who pose great threats to the managers. As a researcher, I can use my finding underlying my research for them to implement in their firms. These facts are very important in the welfare of these production organizations. Good performance by managers will lead to high productivity of the company hence better profits. The directors are supposed to embrace strategic planning to improve the performance of their firms. The success of any company depends on the manager’s ability to plan and organize his workers.

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