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Crime has been on the increase and this is why we have called you for this meeting. We need to sit down and seriously discuss this matter. As you all are aware there should not be cases like these in our area as it causes a lot of panic and restlessness among the residents. It is known to you all that we do not tolerate unlawful behavior and as a result we should put this situation to a halt. The aim of this meeting, as the law enforcers, is to find ways in which we can mitigate these heinous acts of violence.

This meeting is going to tackle the issue of crime in our area. In the recent past, there have been a lot of illegal activities that put the residents at risk. Cases of muggings and theft have increased and the rate of robbery has gone up. I am going to discuss this issue and try as much as possible to come up with possible solutions that will curb this menace.

The culprits are now endangering the livelihood of this area. They have formed gangs that go into the stores and demand for the sales. Most of these scenarios, as you are all aware, are performed with the help of guns. There is the need to know exactly where these culprits get the guns from. We also need to know what causes them to do such actions. There must be something that is triggering their behavior and that is why we are here. This meeting is supposed to analyze this situation and come up with relevant and long-lasting solutions to this problem.

We need to identify why this situation has come up. First of all, we will try to identify the reasons that make the lawbreakers act in this manner. Understanding the law breakers nwill provide the police force with an insight on what is needed to handle the crime (Jones & Brazzel, 2006). The problem, as we have all encountered before, lies majorly on the unemployment of our youth. It is not in doubt that most of these illegal activities are carried out by the young people. It is well known that most of the youth in our area are not employed. Some of them did not even complete their learning. They dropped out in order to join the mobs. This has led to the increase in crime.

In order for us to tackle and manage this crime situation, we need to make a diagnosis of what is causing this unruly behavior. In our attempt to think about this situation, we need to understand what the root cause of such behavior is.

The police have at several occasions tried to get to the bottom of this matter. We are now therefore going to come up with solutions that will see to it that this situation is no more. We need to go back and assess previous crime situations. This way, we will be able to know to what extent this situation has rooted itself. There have been a lot of reports and commissions that have dwelt with the same situation before. This is the time for us to get this information and use it in a comparative manner.

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In order to diagnose this problem, we need to clearly understand its history. As Great Britain, Home Office. (2004) report, it is difficulty to handle a crime before understanding its background. It is our job to know how far back these activities have been occurring. It is in that light that we will be able to fully understand the magnitude of this problem. In that case, we need to study previous reports that have been written regarding this matter. These reports will give us more insight to what we want to know. We should locate these files so as not to waste any more. Moreover, the findings of these reports will give us a clear indication of what we are dealing with.

Once we have made such a diagnosis, we will be in a position to fully handle this matter. After diagnosing the problem, we will be able to influence both the government and the other members of the society to work closely together with us in order deal with this problem. The police department needs to be sufficiently funded if this problem is to be dealt away with. The police require more vehicles that will be used to patrol the crime prone areas. Also, in the same context, more police vehicles need to be made available to us in order to respond promptly to emergency calls. According to Heap, (2010) for the police to respond properly to circumstance, the police forces require several equipments to serve every one in the living room.

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We also need to be psychologically prepared to deal with menace if we are going to stop or better still, to eradicate crime in our society. The policemen should brace themselves for a tough job ahead. It will not be easy but with cooperation and determination, we will be able to overcome this hurdle.

Work will then be divided amongst the different police departments so as to make work easier. Different groups will be assigned different roles to carry out. This way we will ensure efficiency and as a result, we will accomplish this task using the minimum time possible. Several workshops will be held to enlighten the public on what they should look out for. The public needs to be told what role they will play in the eradication of this menace.

Finally, there will be the implementation of all the things that we have agreed on. A team will be put in place to oversee the smooth transition of these decisions. The various stakeholders involved in this mission should be able to coordinate their activities so that the whole operation would be cohesive and without any hiccups.

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