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It is inevitable for you to seek reassurance, gain insight or declare your plans without divine intervention, all the kings have been doing this and you will have to follow suit by divining all features of Shang life. Your capacity to make reliable predictions and obtain favorable outcomes for your kingdom will sanctify you as the only one who can influence the ancestors’ will and consequently it will give your owner the essential psychological ideological and psychological endorsement for political supremacy.

De Bary (20) asserts that the strong magical component of my divination that is etched in the bone allows it a lot of strength just like the royal curse or conjuration of future results. This will give us a strong prediction and strength over the rest. The rituals performed will not make advances to foretell troubles but rather as a charm to appeal to the magical power of our ancestors so that any disaster may be thwarted in order for our society to get the desired outcome.

Regular divination will bring no harm but success to our society because it will serve as a diagnostic tool to the magical life of our society in the Shang Kingdom and as an important spiritual skill. It is the foundation stone of practice of any wise conjure. It is the open dialogue with the mystical that goes beyond our own visualizations and visions. The use of my tools will give our society a measure of neutrality to make sure that critical warnings, rebukes and intercessions from the spirits are availed at times that we might be unwilling to listen to them. This will make us have a visionary interaction with the ancestors and prevent wishful thinking that may land us into trouble.

Divination will allow us seek audience and intervention from our gods. We will use the practice to request our ancestors for advice incase we are faced with any problem that might cause havoc to our kingdom and cause harm to our people. It will allow us to give the future a glimpse. The ancestors will however be not be presented with frivolous or trivial questions. By so doing, we will be answering the call to respect the will of our ancestors and be subjected to more favors from them (De Bary, 26).

Divination is not in vain but very purposeful. The reason for this very simple and it is because we spend every day of our lives building our future and it will be so unfortunate not be know what we are busy building we look like and how it will shape. Making unwise decisions will lead to severe punishment from our gods; therefore we have no option but to rely on divination to avert the situation. Just like making a decision not to obtain an important medication would result to severe relapse, failing to take divine intervention will have wanton consequences on our society and kingdom.

There are other many areas that divination will help in our society that will help make it appealing every day. Divination touching on household affairs will greatly aid in making important family decision to develop a harmonious families in the region (De Bary, 29). Issues relating to wrangles in households can be resolved by seeking help from our ancestors. In other words divination ensures peace in the families that will be extended to through the whole kingdom.

It is important to note that divination will go a long way in helping us to answer many questions concerning both our present and future lives. Devine intervention is a key component of our daily lives because it acts a mirror upon which we can see our future and plan for it. Divinatory responses will give us a clear indication of the expected outcomes and the wishes of our ancestors. The responses upon appropriate intervention will provide information to determine whether the time ahead of us is desirable.

In conclusion, divination is a very useful practice in our society because of the big role it plays in predicting the future. It will help our society to get prepared for many future happenings. For instance farmers will tell weather it will be appropriate to start planting because of the favorable weather ahead, hunters will understand how their activities will unfold. Above all the glory will be upon your kingdom for you will be prepared at all times to deal with outcomes in future like making your army strong incase future raids are projected.

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