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This is an analysis of Movies in Minutes - Twilight. It is a sarcastic and rhetorical rendition of the movie Twilight. The creators of the movie present numerous rhetorical situations that evoke a lot of humor. The movie has four characters, one young lady and three young men. One of the young men acts as a lady in the third scene. The young men in the movie are portrayed in such a way that they appear to posses supernatural powers. In real sense they don't have any supernatural powers thus enhancing the rhetorical situations in the movie.

In the first scene, a young lady walks into the room and catches the attention of a young man who was sitting in the same room. This young lady is beautiful and very attractive. The young man looks up to have a better look at the lady and the emotion on his face can be seen to be that of a person with very high expectations. When the lady walks past the fan in the room, he expects a very sweet scent, one that will evoke emotions in him even more. This is however not the case. Rhetorism plays out in this scene whereby, when the lady sits next to him, the man closes up his nose due to the bad smell coming from the lady's hair. Instead of being even more aroused, he is forced to push perfumes her way, signaling that the lady smelled very bad. It's even funnier when the guy pushes about a dozen perfume bottles towards the young lady.

The rhetorism in this movie also plays out in the scene at the car park. The lady praises him for being incredibly fast and very strong, when in fact he has simply stopped a toy car from hitting her. As the audience, this is incredibly funny. The lady is also being rhetorical in the sense that her reaction to the way that car is coming to hit her makes one think it is a very big car. To our surprise, it turns out to be nothing more than a mere small toy car. This element of rhetorism seeks to bring out some humor in this scene.

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When the lady praises the man of his superhuman qualities, she is very descriptive of how he exhibits heroic qualities. However, when asked to say what she thought he was, she goes on to state he is a mermaid! Of all the supernatural creatures she chooses a mermaid. This is so rhetorical especially the sense that he has got muscular power that enables him to move on terrestrial grounds. This creates more humor in the clip. When they go to the field for a baseball game, it gets even more rhetorical.

Before pitching the ball, he warms up and yells out loud trying to make us the audience think he is very strong. The expectations of the audience are however shattered when he throws the ball and it only goes a few meters from him. This is a very poor show from a man whom the audience expected so much power from. This brings out another element of rhetorism in the clip. It should be noted that the young man acts as a physically built young lady.

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When the movie is coming to an end, it ends on an even more rhetorical note. Based on what the audience thinks about the young man, he is deemed to have super powers. When he takes the lady to the backyard to show her how he is good at climbing trees, his mother yells at him telling him that he should not be doing that because it is dangerous. This rhetorism brings out humor because the audience does not expect a man like him to still be under his mothers care.

The rhetorical situations in the movie bring out a lot of humor but also the concept of supernatural powers. It is also quite ironical that the lady characters are not portrayed to posses any of these supernatural powers. Only the male characters are accorded this luxury.

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