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The 1926, German film; Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang violates the Social aspects of the society throughout its plan. To begin with, it the technological aspect whereby the film itself is a distraction to human behaviors and characters. This is on how the machinery has taken roles which should have been naturally played by human beings. Secondly, the film portrays Metropolis city by 2026 with the associated struggle by the working and the rulers against each other which is a big social problem in any society. Thirdly, workers are not on the safe side as the film depicts how the human beings are to be enslaved and exploited to fulfill all the futuristic aspects it contains. I strongly believe that the film has greatly highlighted the social aspects facing the people.

The most prominent feature about the film is technology. This is viewed from more than two perspectives. One is the film itself and secondly the technological aspects to be associated with the Metropolis city by 2026. The film is seen to twist the normal human expectations of the future. Although it shows some imaginations, the film tends to challenge the human mind where its imagination is a continuation of the existent. In contrast to this, the film totally suggest new phenomenon which did not existed in human domain when the film was recorded. For example the appearance of golden robot; Maria totally challenges the social imagination of the society.

The film also portrays a bad picture of women in the society. The mechanical object likened to a woman in the contemporary society invades the women dignity. The features of the machine are the mortal characteristics represented in meters, life-span in form of clocks, lack of productivity. Unfortunately, these technological features show a negative picture of women in such society in the city. Moreover, the latter is a worst threat to humanity which ends up in harm, sickness, chaos, and finally dead. In a healthy society, a woman is known for important features like productivity, source of prosperity etc all of which are technologically intertwined in the film.

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In every society, technology is as important as the basic needs. However, in the Metropolis film technology is consuming the society. However, Fredersen can neither build nor run the city without the technological applications. This could have been a better approach in developing the society but instead the technology ruins the society by consuming everyone, making workers operate the machine while on the other hand those in power are also consumed. Technology has also taken over the interpersonal characteristics, a worst effect to the society. The people are depicted as swayed by technology for example; Freder tried to discuss with his father Fredersen about the social injustices taking place in the city to his vain. The father later blames his personal assistant for reluctance to report the blast in the city.

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The development of the film with the associated technology is also blamed for the erosion of ancient art. It was a landmark to cinemas which saw the initial arts extinct. It is a cinematic production which was supported by the government Ufa. Every society is incomplete with the use of old art which is a common feature with the metropolis.

In conclusion, I do applaud Fritz for his efforts in directing other films like; Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Woman in the Moon, Scarlet Street, and Maria the Robot among others. However, society is as important as his dreams to progress. There he should have addressed the societal effects of the film which is a good advice to all artists in this industry. Although the society has not been depicted in a good perspective, the film should not be despised but instead, its teachings should be taken to be of great importance.

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