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Advertisement is necessary to promote any product in the market.  Advertisement is a psychological thing in which the advertiser plays with the mind of customers in order to get positive results. This gets achieved by placing the product in the mind of the customers. One such effective method to do so is by differentiating the product from the competitor products in the market. This gets effectively done by highlighting the strong points and the uniqueness of the product. The following write up is an analysis of an advert. The analysis reviews the effectiveness of the advert and makes necessary recommendations.

Yahoo made an online advertisement on fantasy football. The advertisement was to introduce their new product, fantasy football, to the market.

Adverts effectiveness

In the advert, the product gets presented as one that is an offer to the fantasy football fans. The advertiser phrases it in such a manner that it appears as though the product is the fruit of a battle that has been fought for long. In the introductory phrase of the advert, the product is presented as the only of its kind and one that is achieved through great pains. This will lead to the customers viewing it as an exceptional product that cannot be found anywhere else.

In the advert, the product is said to have been developed by the best people in the sector. They also say that the company offering this new product, Yahoo, has been the leading one.  In the mind of the customer, a product from a leading company is a high-quality product.

The advert also gives the unique features of the product that are not found in competing products. These features give the uniqueness and the benefits of the product. This successively places it in the minds of the customers.

The advert also gives additional benefits of using the product such as full access to the season’s premier. It puts the product as one that is can be adapted into many devices most of which are not compatible with the other competing products. Highlighting these benefits help to appeal to the customers since they are given reasons to use the product.

Target group

The advert effectively identifies the target group. Though this has not been put point blank, the target group cannot be mistaken. The advert continually makes reference to the fantasy football fans. The heading of the advert uses the words fantasy football twice. It would thus be not probably that a person not interested in fantasy football would even give the advert a second thought. Identification of the target group makes it easy to reach the target groups. This is because all people interested in the game get curious to know about the advert.


The wording of the advert can be no better. However, the advert would be more appealing to the customers if the graphics could be changed.  The advert uses a screen caption with the world football which is rather pale. It is not so appealing to a football fun. Football is a game that is attributed to energy vitality and victory. The graphic used should bring these aspects out. It should have bright colors that are probable to light someone. It should also bring out victory and aggressiveness. This coupled with the well selected words should efficiently communicate the intended message to the target group. The adverts’ heading is also highly wordy. There are so many adverts, and any reader is compelled to either read or discard any advert, by the heading.


There is so much reference to the producing company. These references are particularly placed on statements that are boastful. This might not work very well with those who do not love the company so much. The graphic used might also give a negative impression to the customers. This picture is probable to kill the moral of funds, for it lucks the necessary vitality and jolly.


It is of vital importance that the advert be changed to use a picture that is in line with the words of the advert. The worlds used are full of energy whereas the picture used is extremely pale. The target group is one that is extremely active and full of energy. It is thus crucial to change the picture used in the advert, for instance, a picture of a player making a terrific move would work very well.

Reference to the company should be minimized. Although the success of the company is a credit to the company, constant reference to it makes it seems as boasting. The advert should be edited to reduce the number of time the producing company gets mentioned.


Advertisement is not about what is done to a product, rather what is done to the mind of the customer. The fantasy football advert focuses more on placing the product in the mind of the customer than not. This is done by pointing out the best features about it and thus presenting it to the customer as one that is unique from the others. This raises the curiosity of the customers. The advert thus achieves the intended results as customers buy any product out of curiosity.  The heading of the advert should also be shortened.


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