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In Ireland, family laws are comprised of a variety of statues and bills (Deady, 2000). Enacted laws cover all the issues that deal with legal marriage age, engagements, divorce and custody, and other family issues. Over many years, these laws have been appeals or amended entirely to come up with a way for better legislation. After amendment, the resulting enacted bills and statues now form the main component in Irish family law. For a number of years the Government of Ireland has been attempting to do away with polygamy which the Muslims believed in. According to the new rule, for Muslims to seek Irish citizenship, they will have to assert that they don't have more than one spouse and that they do not have an intention of marrying another spouse (Deady, 2000). Likewise, a Muslim who is seeking to marry an Irish lady will be expected to give the same undertakings. According to the Government of Ireland, it is very necessary for all men from Muslim nations to sign an affirmed affidavit that rejects polygamy. This regulation is consistent with the law of Irish Government that does not recognize having more than one spouse. The Irish law defining marriage as being between one woman and one man is actually outdated and should be amended urgently.  

Marriage between more than one man and more than one woman has got its advantages, which should be considered for the satisfaction of both women and men in a society. Both women and men benefit from this kind of marriage, particularly polygamy. The benefits of polygamy for women are to be considered first, followed by the benefits for men. In a sexist society, automatic childcare enables women to have an effective option for a vocation without devaluating the homemaker's role. Most women believe that, it is of great benefit to marry the married men, in order to minimize their risk in due course of marriage, because the marriage lives of these men have already been proved. The desire towards committing adultery is removed from husbands such that the damaging deceit is removed from a marriage. A man cannot think of committing adultery as long as he is sexually satisfied by his wives. Sexual adultery is also referred to as conjugal infidelity and this is a social phenomenon in which a man commits sexual intercourse with a woman who he is not married to (Turner, 2002). There are many negative consequences that come about when an individual commits adultery. Sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea can be acquired due to adultery and then spread within a family.

Adultery will impoverish the economy of a family and this will bring about depression and anxiety to both wife and husband. Most husbands who commit adultery spend a lot of money to attract women outside their marriage. In case an employer is aware of the adulterous act, the husband can possibly lose his job. This usually happens in the law enforcement jobs where the professionals are expected to have the highest degree of integrity and it is considered to be a breakdown of personality in case adultery is committed (Turner, 2002). Religious denomination leaders are dismissed when they commit adultery. These husbands in some cases spend most of their time in the company of these women, such that their responsibilities toward satisfying needs of the family members, diminishes. Adultery will result into insecurity to the husband especially when he comes back at home while very late.

Women find polygamy important because it can enhance increased economic potential of a family. This is true since polygamy qualifies to be one way of increasing the number of adults to generate sizable income, therefore diminishing the state of dependence as well as the fear of joblessness. Polygamy can provide a method by which a woman can get a female friend for her life. This is especially when the newly married wife is a woman of best character and is a hardworking person. Since within any given society there are varied personalities, polygamy increases the number people in a family and therefore gives room for varied personalities and characters, which puts the family at a better position to meet diverse needs. Women experiences practical security as polygamy reduces the chances of being divorced. This is possible because in case of any problem between a husband and wife, the husband can remarry another wife of his choice without divorcing the earlier wife. The wife does not need to worry regarding losing her man and income, because in case the husband is attracted by another woman, he does not think of divorcing her wife.  Likewise, polygamy has got its benefits to men in a number of ways.

Polygamy reduces or removes the seduction of guiltless young women. Seduction is defined as the art of persuading a woman by showing her that you are the man she has been looking for. Seducing a woman generally means to make her feel comfortable as well as promote relaxation in her. In most cases for a man to seduce a woman, he has to give out some money to prove his love and caring. Continual giving out of money and other family resources brings about impoverishment of the economy of one's family. A man with many wives tends to be satisfied in a number of ways such as sexually, emotionally, and even economically such that he may not need to seduce other young women. Polygamy cuts down the number of women available in any given society. When the number of women goes down, their value shoots up and this forces men to do their best with women so as to win them. A man cannot think of committing adult as long as he is sexually satisfied by his wives.

Polygamy decreases the chances of men acquiring sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV/AIDS. This is usually brought about when men engage themselves in making love with other women outside their marriage. Lack of sexual satisfaction in the most important cause of infidelity, and it has been found that infidelity is common within monogamous marriages. Adultery will impoverish the economy of a family and this will result into anxiety and depression to both wife and husband, as most of the basic needs such as food, clothing, education, medical, and shelter will not be met. It has been proven that when a man has many wives, he becomes more responsible because adequate resources are to be put in place for each and every individual to get his or her share. Therefore polygamy can encourage the state hardworking within a family. It is very justified for a man to marry another wife if his wife is barren or has developed prolonged sickness, instead of divorcing her. This allows for a chance to father children while preserving the matrimonial relationship with the first wife.


In spite of the Irish law, Marriage between more than one man and more than one woman has got its advantages which should be considered for the satisfaction of individuals in a society. Both women and men benefit from this kind of marriage, particularly polygamy. The Irish law defining marriage as being between one woman and one man is actually outdated and should be amended urgently. The most important benefits of polygamy is the cutting down of tendencies to commit adultery which can spread sexually transmitted diseases, and to avoid deterioration of the economy of a family by not giving young women money in order to attract them.

Buy Irish Law essay paper online

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