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A should abortion be legal essay is one of the most frequently assigned essays for students studying different humanitarian disciplines such as ethics, law, psychology, nursing, social studies, and others. Information on abortion for an essay can be found on the Internet as well as in numerous books on medicine, ethics, and religion. A legalizing abortion essay is a popular assignment as it can involve numerous contradictory points. Besides, when students write such type of an essay or a Christian view on abortion, they apply critical and analytical skills, the principles of which they are taught in colleges and universities. Further, sometimes students are asked to provide an opinion on abortion essay, which is one of the most challenging topics for them as frequently they are afraid to express their viewpoint clearly and honestly on such controversial topic. Despite the fact that the topic might be complicated in terms of its controversy and topicality, it is quite easy to find sufficient supporting evidence and illustrative information on abortion for an essay.

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Actually, there are many abortion essay topics, and the topic formulation totally depends on the discipline you are studying. For example, if you are studying ethics, one of the most widespread abortion essay questions will be connected to the topics of ethics of abortion essay and the adjacent areas. Further, if your major is religious studies, then most probably you will be assigned to write an against abortion essay or disadvantages of abortion essay. Regardless of the topic you are assigned, you need to keep in mind that the most significant issue to handle when writing an essay is to provide a strong and argumentative abortion essay thesis statement. Remember that the whole essay development should be centered on the core idea/ claim expressed in the thesis.

To see how you should properly formulate the thesis, it is advisable to search for some abortion essay examples found on the Internet. They may not always be of impeccable quality, so keep in mind that you should choose them carefully and look for them only on credible websites. Abortion essay samples may also give you hints when you have to come up with abortion essay titles on your own. For many students, the most challenging part about writing this kind of essay is to formulate an effective title for abortion essay. Therefore, when you read an abortion essay sample, you will definitely come up with an interesting title and will surely get to know how to provide a great hook for abortion essay, write a compelling introduction on abortion essay, and also provide a succinct and logical conclusion on abortion essay.

Proper essay organization has always been a priority regardless of the topic you write on. Therefore, when you want to provide an elegant piece of writing on the topic of abortion, make sure to create an extended outline for abortion essay, where you identify all the paper constituents. Make sure to include the abortion essay hooks (which can be some controversial facts, shocking statistics, rhetorical questions, etc.), clearly formulate the thesis statement, provide brief information that will be included in the abortion essay introduction, concisely draft body paragraphs with clearly formulated topic sentences and supporting evidence, and, finally, to provide an abortion essay conclusion.

Below you will find an essay on abortion prepared by one of our company writers. Check it out

Abortion denotes the process of pregnancy termination wherein the embryo or a fetus is expelled from a woman’s uterus before it is ready to be born. Abortion is commonly classified into two types: spontaneous and purposeful. The former refers to the kind of abortion that takes place without any outside interference (or, to be more precise, without any interference from the third parties, i.e. doctors). It is also called a miscarriage and is more connected to some health problems that a woman has that prevent her from carrying the child.

The latter type is an induced kind of abortion. It may be performed even if a woman has no evident health problems that might prevent her from bearing a healthy child. However, this type of abortion is often a way out if there is a high risk of bearing a child with serious health problems, such as mental or physical disabilities. In many developed countries, abortion has been legalized and it is considered as a perfectly normal practice unless it is carried out under the local law according to the legal norms. Purposeful abortion has been a controversial topic for many decades, and one of the acute problems connected with it is that it might frequently be performed by non-professionals.

Abortion is rather widespread in all countries worldwide. Particularly in the United States, abortion has been legalized with the main aim to make it safe and performed in medical establishments. Nonetheless, even if abortions are carried out by healthcare professionals and in clean and sterile surroundings, they have been documented to cause more than 75 thousand deaths of women and more than 5 million disabilities per year. Even though abortion in the USA was made legal still back in 1973, there are cases nowadays when abortions are performed in unsafe conditions.

According to statistics, from 10 to 20 million of abortions are performed in unsafe surroundings in the USA. As such, they lead to approximately 14 percent of maternal deaths that happen as a result of different complications and the lack of adequate medical help. Such facts contribute to the controversy and biases that pertain to the topic. Even despite the fact that contraceptives has become really widespread and accessible, people not always use them correctly, which leads to unplanned pregnancies that are grave social issues. Nevertheless, there is hope that this situation will change for the better as people got more access to medical services and they are also taught the principles of sexual education and family planning.


What Is So Controversial about the Topic of Abortion?

Christianity views many ethical topics as controversial ones. Among the most topical are human cloning, evolution, and abortion. The topic of abortion has two main opposing camps – people who adhere to pro-choice position and those that support pro-life position. From the perspective of religion, particularly Christianity, abortion has always been considered evil as Christians believe that a human’s life begins right after the moment of conception.

There are many groups of people who have different views on abortion. Radical opinions refer either to “for” and “against.” According to liberalists, it is advisable to examine the issue in detail in order to decide when abortion can be considered as a good choice, and thus be justified. Those who hold more liberal positions pay more attention to a woman’s right to make choices in life and not be restricted by some generally accepted norms. For example, if a woman does not want to bear a child at some part of her life or if she is not ready for pregnancy, then she should have the right to terminate it. The same can be applied to cases when a woman has been raped and bringing up the child would always remind her of that horrible past experience.

Back in 1973, the US Supreme Court carried out a decision that a women is entitled the right to choose abortion if she finds it beneficial at some point of her life or as the most favorable way out. Consequently, this court decision signified the beginning of pro-choice campaign, wherein a woman has the right to decide and the fetus is not equaled to a human being.

Those belonging to pro-choice group claim that pro-life supporters consume a lot of energy and resources fighting against abortion as, in the modern era; it is an acceptable way of regulating birth and overall population. Besides, for women who come from not so favorable cultural backgrounds and live in poor conditions, abortion is the only way not to give birth to an unwanted child or the child that they cannot look after. The resources spent on pro-life campaigns would have been better spent on social support and provision of welfare of women who need it in order to get free from their misery life.

Knapp (2001) emphasizes that, on a daily basis, approximately 50 thousand children across the world die because of the lack of shelter, food, water, and clothing. Since the population comes close to its 7th billion, there is a high risk of depletion of natural resources. As such, any unwanted baby may gravely affect the balance and overall reserves of the world’s resources. According to such statistics, the overall development and the pace of life throughout the world will have to slow down as the number of mouths to feed will greatly increase.

Furthermore, pro-choice supporters are convinced that every person has the freedom of sexual and reproductive rights as well as the right to bear own responsibility for health and overall well-being. On the contrary, pro-life group reckons that they actually stand up for support of their religious freedoms. At moments of such contradictions, it is important to remember that the state should be separated from the church, and that different values and viewpoint should not be intermingled. If there is no separation and the church directly influences the state’s politics and social aspects, then any law (including the legalization of abortion) will never be passed due to religious dogmas.

According to Roe v. Casey ruling of 1992, a woman is granted total freedom to make choices concerning her body. If a woman is not given the right to decide whether she wants to carry and bear the child, then it makes her a lesser being than the fetus she is carrying in her womb. The American Civil Liberties Union has made a good comparison on the aspect of women’s carrying unwanted children: if a woman is forced to give birth to an unwanted child, it can be compared to a situation when a person is forcefully cloned in order to save life of another one with organs. Both of the situations are equally wrong as the person has not given consent for such usage of another body as a kind of property.

Debates Around Abortion

  1. Legal aspect

From the perspective of pro-choice supporters, abortions should be legalized as to eliminate the risks of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions resultantly performed. According to a research study performed by the WHO, a huge percentage of unsafe abortions is prevalent in countries where abortions are considered illegal.

  1. Ethical aspect

Ethical aspect concerning abortion aims to identify what is right and wrong in regards with abortion. Actually, the ethical perspective deals with the discussion of a woman’s vs. fetus’ rights. In the realm of personhood, a fetus cannot be regarded a conscious being as it is not aware of oneself, cannot think, make decisions, etc. A fetus is totally dependent on its mother for life support. When to compare the rights, it is prudent to claim that the mother has an absolute right to decide what to do with the fetus. In other words, the matter of choice should be delegated to a woman.

Throughout certain time periods, pro-life supporters have been for selective abortions, which were performed only when the fetus posed danger to the mother, could cause serious complications during labor, could lead to death or was conceived in cases of incest or rape. Among the other reasons when abortion could be justified was when the fetus had severe disabilities or abnormalities in development (both mental and physical).

On the other hand, there is another standpoint that pro-life supporters have. They claim that fetus is a human from the moment of conception and thus abortion can be equaled to killing. According to pro-life supporters, a fetus undergoes severe pain when it is being aborted. According to pro-life supporters, the fact that a fetus is not a social entity and cannot talk does not make it a lesser human being. Moreover, they view a fetus as a potential life, so abortion is a great threat and deprives it of the right to live. Anti-abortion activists also highlight that abortion is referred to unjust discrimination against the unborn.

Emotional Impacts of Abortion on Women

Each woman can be affected by abortion in a different way. As a rule, a woman can suffer both from physiological as well as mental effects, and frequently the latter are more severe and long-term than the former. For example, a woman may be prone to depression, feeling of guilt, etc. Moreover, women have high anxiety levels as they constantly think whether they have made a right decision. Sometimes, the feelings of depression may last as long as five years or more. According to a study by a pro-choice researcher from New Zealand, women who have undergone abortion have high rates of depression, suicidal behaviors, and anxiety disorders.

Many people consider that abortions should be made legal only because there exist some unfavorable and extreme cases of conception such as rape and incest. If a child is a product of violence and misbehavior, sacrificing a woman’s life and well-being is definitely not the best option here. This fact only guarantees that the woman will be under constant psychological pressure as she will see the child every day. She will hardly even love than child, which will definitely have a negative influence on his/ her upbringing and positive development.

In conclusion, abortion was illegal before 1973 and could only be justified in cases when the pregnancy had a life-endangering effect. However, the Roe v. Wade ruling of the Supreme Court changed all this and women gained more liberty and freedom. Still, despite the fact that abortion is legalized in many countries, it faces a lot of controversies and is labeled as a pressing social problem of the modern times. The thing people should remember before judging a person’s viewpoints concerning abortion is that a woman should have the freedom to make the most favorable decisions to ensure her well-being.

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