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Will write the essay?

Councils and recommendations that who all the same wishes to write independently the essay, course or research paper.

So, you have decided, that work which was set by the head, you can execute independently and without assistance.

What for this purpose it is necessary? With what to begin? We will try to help you with it.

Accurately formulate a theme of your research, discuss it with the supervisor of studies. Necessarily come into library and a reading room, look books, magazines, textbooks on your subjects.

It will be good, if besides domestic authors you find also foreign scientists.

What you should remember the first is a theme and it is already necessary to make a start from it. I.e. if at you the theme is called «Teachers-innovators, their pedagogical sights» accordingly and to write you should about S.A.Amonoshvili and O.S.Gazmane (is teachers-innovators), instead of about something the friend. 

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Or, for example, the essay theme «education Problems in family pedagogics» you should specify the famous teachers-classics who were engaged in family pedagogics to list not only surnames, but also to specify their concepts, sights and ideas. He is Makarenko A.S. (about a role of structure of a family), Suhomlinsky Century ? (about that «how to bring up the present person»), Tolstoj L.N. (about imitation in a family), Lesgaft P. F (about truthfulness education in a family) Pestalotstsi I.G. (about parent love).

To begin with you should write introduction. Without it there is no diploma or course. In introduction you specify a theme, a work urgency, object, an object of research, methods and problems which you before yourselves have put in the course of a work writing. Besides, you formulate a hypothesis, the purpose, specify the theoretical and practical importance of your research.

Certainly, after you start to write chapters and work subparagraphs also the object, a subject or a hypothesis can change. Therefore you start introduction only at the very end of work not to alter it several times.

After introduction, you should be defined with the name of heads and subparagraphs, i.e. with work structure. 

For example, to you have set to write term paper on economy. The theme is called «Outstanding Russian economists». With what we will begin? 

Take textbooks on economy, magazines and look through approximate themes. These themes also will help you to write work, they approximately and are subparagraphs course. Read that different scientists write in this occasion, what leading economists have become history and that they have made. 

After that we start to make chapters and subparagraphs.


1.1 Russian economic views in XVII - XVIII century of century

1.2 Economic thought of Russia in the end of XVIII - XIX century of century

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2.1 V.I.Lenin as the economist.

M.I.Tugan-Baranovsky's 2.2 Heritage.

G.V.Plehanova's 2.3 Economic ideas.


3.1 Chajanov A.V. as the leading representative of an organizational-industrial direction.

3.2 Jurovskij L.J.: concepts of market balance and financial stabilisation.

N.D.Kondrateva's 3.3 Economic ideas.

3.4 Kantorovich L.V. - the founder of the theory of linear programming.

Here the approximate plan of term paper. Certainly, your supervisor of studies can change something, add the offers or recommend to clean some questions.

In the conclusion you state short all what mentioned in work. For example, history of development of Russian economic thought which differs a certain originality, its specific features, give the recommendations or ideas.

At the very end of work you without fail specify the list of the used literature which have processed and used in work in alphabetic order. Laws, decrees (if those are used), and then other literature go the first always.

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For example, 

1. The civil code of the Russian Federation.-: Publishing house: Norm-infra. - 2003.

2. The federal law “About the Central bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)” from 27.06.2002

3. The federal law “About banks and bank activity” from 23.12.2003 ? 181-FZ.

4. Grunevich G. A. The Securities market.-.: 2003. - 235 with.

5. Securities market development.-.: 2004. - 336 with.

Often in term papers it is necessary to use and appendices. It can be tables, schemes, texts of tests or research reports. But in the work you should instruct necessarily on your appendices. 

As to footnotes they can be either in the end of page, or in square brackets with instructions on a taken place in the list of the literature and instructions on page. For example, [5, with. 35-36], i.e. you used Dray L.D.development's book of a securities market and page 35-36.

All citations of scientists necessarily should so-called and on them there should be footnotes.

«In the field of pedagogics it is possible to understand process and the result of scientific activity directed on reception of new knowledge of laws of process of education as research, its structure and the mechanism, the theory and a technique of the organisation of teaching and educational process, its maintenance, principles, organizational methods and receptions», - so defines essence of pedagogical research V.M.Polonsky [3, ?.14].

Having familiarised with ours, article you can independently write work. Only necessarily read it some times!

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