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Today speech about independence of a writing of term paper.

Spelling of term paper. There writing stages personally are resulted

Me of term papers. As I am also the author of works for others,

Materials were made and with the account of the given aspect of my activity.

What has turned out as a result? And as a result the information on how I take has turned out and

I write the course. That is I have described process of a writing of the text the course

Works from the title page to the literature list. It is described in exercises,

Which are given for practical training. Training independent. In

Process of creation of materials has come to conclusion, that materials contain

The information on, how simply efforts to write any texts and

Thus to take pleasure.

I position them as materials which learn to write term paper. Why?

All is simple. It is necessary to begin with something. It something I have selected the project "In the help

To the student ". Materials are called" My Work Independent ". In frameworks

The project "For the aid to the student" materials urged to give the information on, how To learn itself to write term paper. The purpose of such training

It is various: from simple writing for delivery in session before work to order in sphere

Spelling of term paper and accordingly earnings on a bread and butter.

Hardly before this text I have received the letter from Andrey on my question -

Whether he has learnt to write the course. He has thanked me and has told, that mine

Stories have installed in it confidence of own forces. Materials for it

Have appeared superfluous. I have told it about the period of drawing up of materials. And

Represent, that will be if to receive actually materials and to practise

In a writing course on their basis!?

. And here if there is an aspiration

To learn to write term paper and to use as a basis materials

From a series "My Work Independent" then you have a chance. One condition

- To follow spirit of materials and on the basis of the exercises resulted there

To create the. BUT. 

Plus to it for... Though what for to write about particulars. Thus, course

Work is reduced to ability level. I have made materials of a series "My Work

Independent "on purpose to make a writing course accessible to people. And that

Term paper in HIGH SCHOOL while remains a direct synonym of the school composition.

The basic similarity - the school composition and term paper are deprived on

The present stage of criteria of a writing and estimation. That is though as register,

But the guarantee aspires to zero. A guarantee of a positive writing.

Materials from a series "Course it is independent - what for and as" there is a first experience

To decode sense and parametres of a writing of term paper. Among the such

Parametres - an urgency, a historiography, conclusions in the conclusion and so on.

Course it is independent to each student -


The price of materials - while 1500 rbl.

I express gratitude to my ability to write texts on the basis of comprehension and

Minor in a writing that My Work contains in materials of their series "

Independent "

Collection of myths concerning a writing of term paper, or we Dig a writing

Here a collection of myths concerning a writing of term paper:

Term paper is a problem;

Term paper is necessary to nobody;

Term paper takes away time and forces;

Term paper is a ridiculous duty which is time for abolishing for a long time;

Term paper it so is intolerable...

You are assured, what these myths do not concern you? You are assured, that wish to write

There are only two variants of the answer - Yes or not. Choose right now and directly

Order now

Any activity always has the beginning. Term paper not an exception.

Such beginning within the limits of term paper is called Introduction.

Introduction assumes internal structure. Structure branched out and in

To any concrete work the. But skeleton consists of following branches:

• a theme Urgency

Communication of your term paper with a modern state of affairs in the world;

• the Importance

The answer to a question - why you had been chose this theme;

• the Historiography

Illumination of the literature, sources on your problematics for the purpose of the answer on

Question: the theme of prospective term paper is how much deeply worked;

• the Purpose

Result which should be reached a writing of term paper;

Separate steps of achievement of result;

Ways of text processing by the author of term paper

• Frameworks (chronological, geographical)

The period which is investigated in term paper and geographical district

By means of the marked methods problems are reached. Set of the reached

Problems in case they are put correctly comes to an end with achievement

Heads of work are ways of achievement of an object in view.

Assumes presence of the general conclusions on work, and also descriptions of prospects

The further researches on the given problematics.

All heads of work should cover conclusions and to be simultaneously generalisation

Reached in the chapter in relation to the work purpose;

The description of prospects of research assumes the description of directions of yours

The further deepening in the given theme.

Includes the list of the used written texts. The list should answer

To one requirement - to be internally ordered.

Here all is located that does not enter into other parts of work. Appendices

Are carried out at will and owing to requirement to open the purpose.

Variants of filling of appendices are various - tables, drawings, schemes.

Introduction, or Course independently conducts to the life Purpose

The great value in term paper belongs to INTRODUCTION. It and

There is a business plan course or strategy of the further researches - to whom as

It is pleasant. 

So, a priority ?1 in term paper introduction. If to look priorities

Introductions it is allocated the following - a theme urgency, the purpose, problems,

Chronological frameworks, question historiography, the thesis,

Which is taken out on protection that is why is new and unique -

As a result of this term paper. That is your term paper.

Now priorities of the given parts of introduction from below upwards:

6. Chronological and geographical frameworks;

5. A question urgency;

4. A historiography;

2. The thesis which is taken out on protection;

1. The purpose of term paper.

So, a priority ?1 in term paper, in any term paper be it

Humanitarian, is natural-scientific - the PURPOSE is technical. Aim

Term paper gives to the given work sense and it already urged to shine

The maintenance of term paper under a certain corner. And here it is important correct

To formulate the purpose for the correct formulation of the purpose is 99 % of the ANSWER ON

The QUESTION - that is is 99 % of a writing of term paper.

1 % is actually routine operation under the name - I have sat down and I write the course

Work under all requirements. And requirements to term paper is only

Means of expression of thought. That is requirements to term paper is the FORM,


What the most important in a life? And here you have started to list - money, the car,

The woman, the man, children, death.... But all is only beautiful forms for

The main thing. And the main thing in a life is its sense. Clean meaning of the life and a life

Becomes a set of operations between which in general is not present logic,

Emotional and other communication. But here you had a meaning of the life and you

Do everything, that consider it necessary. And it is really necessary. MEANING OF THE LIFE -

It is the PURPOSE. And correct statement of the purpose is 99 % of its achievement. 1 % remains

On actually actions on its achievement.

And now find 10 differences in the purpose of term paper and in the life purpose. Have found.

Let's try - a life in the world, course on a paper, the life - is beautiful,

The course is formal, the life is surprising, course is standard... And now

Clean from the list set forth above the form. Also that you receive. And here it and

Receive: a life, course; a life, course; a life, course. That is you

Receive two words. Like the different. But they are similar and similar they?!

And than they are similar? Certainly SENSE. More truly both course, and a life are necessary

Only when an object in view. Otherwise the first is the robot, and

The second - a paper for recycling heap!

And you refuse an independent writing of term paper. It too

Most as though in the childhood have gone and being the child to whom it is interesting

To play would employ other child that he for you played. Also would accompany

It is words - and I do not have time. I of SUCH OCCUPIED!

And you do too most, as this occupied the child when refuse

To write term paper independently with words - at me there is no time.

The future behind independently written course

In modern Russian student's space there was a whole empire

Various sort of executors of term papers to order. To arise on the empty

Place... Yes on an empty place it also has arisen. A name to this empty place

- And what criteria necessary the course. From a writing

Term paper of the professor and library workers have made the whole cult.

It begins with routine. It is necessary to collect set of the information and to lean on

Set of authorities. And refusal of authorities conducts to the strained

Relations with the majority of heads of academic year projects. To please

This pseudo-scientific brotherhood has appeared such in term paper, as

The literature list. And all right simply list. So a hogwash. Plus to this list,

I think to you familiar words - more than 10 it is possible, and here less - I will give up in reception.

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Quantity in each high school individually.

Routine activity in libraries extremely irritates. Especially, if you

Was going to do a course on the computer. It only to present - to find books,

To write out them, to wait for their occurrence in you on a table, to write out the necessary information, and

Then also to print it on a computer. Here also there is a first possibility

For the order. On it modern libraries build the income. Is called

This business - a x-copying and scanning.

. And the majority of books are scanned and x-copied in

Walls of library after minute and hour turns.

If you are ready and there has passed the first stage of routine processing you are waited by a stage

?2. It is called - I need 50 sheets in course and 17 of them introduction.

Go and do. The counter of this stage - in general, it knows a horse-radish as to write this

The course. And introduction and the conclusion - these scourges of modern term papers even

Teachers are rare can write, and to explain and that units.

And here the student faces proof refusal of the I in general to be cut in

The essence of an event and all starts to think - to earn money more usual and

To buy this course. But there are teachers, which all the same at the very least

Explain, that it is required to reflect in all parts of work. There are also those who

Gives methodical recommendations to the term papers where it is bole-less accurate

The essence of term paper is reflected.

So, the student passes this second stage-otsevku and here there is a third stage

- Protection of term paper. And here the student sits

For pair minutes before protection and to be soared over page of the protection, and then

Terribly worries and sometimes even hands over. And before protection still there is a work check

The supervisor of studies. It comes to an end with the requirement to alter more often

Work. And the alteration being is frequent is absent - it is necessary to change only

Words to clean one, to add others.

And happens and so, that term paper becomes an obstacle in a way eternal

Daily vanity. And then the author of term paper suffers. To it in a hurry

Give the order. On questions - what for, where, as, requirements. Answer - all

Standardly. In the end such intense discussion between the author also turns out

Course and the customer, what you give to this client money, that

To be untied, back. That is the client too refuses to learn that to it, and

When, and as it is necessary in term paper at the head, the head

Takes offence. Result - the conflict of the author and the client.

And here desire. So suddenly from depth. Somewhere in subconsciousness

Is born and reaches to consciousness - all. WILL suffice. I wish to write itself! Well.

You have got to the address. I ask:

To each student course it is independent


Course it is independent as a way of personal developmentUsual day of the student uncles from Moscow it is far

Lectures, seminars within the precincts of HIGH SCHOOL - half-day;

Libraries - even half-day;

Supervisors of studies, their consultations - even 1/3 days;

Any reports on experts, practical works - all the day.

And still the requirement obligatory - as you want puff, and course or two

Course in a year from you should be as a bayonet. Thus books where are painted

Obligatory requirements to term paper are in personal deficiency and

To get them on chairs, of course, it is possible. But, first, they there it is rare

More than in one copy. And, secondly, still it is necessary to learn, that a pier

There are such here books and as traffic rules are updated

For money even the state formation on competition tears in down

Both ashes free expectations and care of students from the state already with

The first months of training in high school. It is shown in all. The idle time

Example - numerous x-copies which are placed on libraries and

To high schools. And these services already paid. And that they like are cheap so it is a myth.

Literatures at seminars give names on five and to print one

Page there are 2 rbl. And such pages on each question should be

Minimum one-two. It already 10-20 rbl. And seminars are spent on one

Only to a subject - time three-four in a month. It already 60-80 ??? on one

Seminar. And such seminars 5, and even it is more in a month, that is already 300-400

??? in a month. And to study a minimum five years. And still prodrivings on the public

Transport. In general more than 1000 ??? in a month on all these delights

Student's training it is necessary to spend all the same.

And here still there is a miracle such. And a name to it term paper. As it to write

To explain even supervisors of studies sometimes refuse. Because

Understanding of it above their forces. And here at once appears on horizon

The student all this paid industry of a custom-made writing course, essays,

Diplomas and to it of similar things. And custom-made character of such industry

It is shown sometimes in the worst quality - the student by the training end

Refuses to write the diploma text independently. And after all term paper.

Yes, the diploma is a term paper of the graduate of high school.

And so term paper is useful. And its value at the present stage is shown

To a minimum. Similar value even those in general refuse to notice

Students who write term paper independently. Value the course

Works it is concluded in so "favourite" for students of sections the course. I

I speak, of course, about introduction and the conclusion. The given sections in general are written in

Last turn. And after all they the most important and to write them it is necessary in most

In general term paper at an independent and custom-made writing

It is made approximately so - the information at first is searched, then the main is made

Part, that is heads of term paper and only right at the end are written

Introduction, the conclusion, the maintenance. And after all, if the maintenance is still justified

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That write it in the end here it is necessary to write introduction in the beginning.

Why in the beginning? Clearly to imagine the basic part

Term paper. For this purpose introduction contains such obligatory section, as

Statement of the purpose and definition of problems of term paper. The purpose, at it

Correct definition already provides ease and beauty of a writing of heads

As to problems. The problem is decoding of the purpose of term paper. THAT IS

The problem formulated in introduction is a name of one chapter course

Works. And problems there should be so much, how many heads in work. Is more

The superfluous. The problem, naturally results from the purpose of term paper, and all

Problems serve that the purpose finally has been reached and

It is described in the conclusion in the form of conclusions and offers.

Why important correctly to formulate the purpose and to define problems? The student -

This young generation of the country. If the young generation refuses correctly

To formulate the purpose and problems of term paper it means one - the purpose and

It also refuses to formulate problems of own life that is

Will live at random as will prompt circumstances. THAT IS refusal from

Statements of the purpose and problems in the course lead to refusal of the life purpose. From here

Distribution of vicious habits, most notable of which follows -

The alcoholism, narcotism that is to be smoked, prick;

Smoking that is to smoke, we will go we will smoke.

My friend somehow has told - all!!! Aim I put last time. I will leave from

University and all.

I criticise a modern state of affairs and I offer own efforts.

They are described by me in materials from a series "My Work Independent". The purpose

The given work - to help the student to write independently term paper from

The title page to the literature list.

To each student course it is independent:


Why the schoolboy and the student takes the essay on the Internet

Last years the number of schoolboys and students, which has very strongly grown

Use free services of essays on the Internet. At once

I will make a reservation, that the exact statistics I do not know. But for interested persons to be convinced in

Similar state of affairs I recommend to come for resources on the free

To granting of essays and to look at the counter of visitors a site. Well and

Half of such visitors a minimum have come on this site to download, and

Then to hand over term paper or the essay.

So, the first why - Why the schoolboy comes on the given resource. Business in that,

That the main thing in a life of any person is a knowledge itself. Knowledge

Itself occurs through dialogue with other people. Especially brightly it

It is shown in school training. The main thing, on what is spent time

The schoolboy is a dialogue. Recently for a role of the basic employment

The school applies. It is expressed in increase in interest of parents to

To formation reception by their children.

The given interest first of all in attempt is shown is total to supervise

Each step of children and to put priorities instead of schoolboys it it is independent.

That is the child home, and to it from a threshold - how are you doing at school comes, then

Go to do lessons. Then - well as today at school. THAT IS it turns out instead of

To tell to the child - hi my sun or why you such

The sad? Parents speak any learnt dialogue in the spirit of - the school is

Quintessence of a life.

Actually live dialogue with the person is important and interesting only. When

To the child instead of live dialogue let and at a lesson start to speak standardly

- A pier this year there was that, and in it that, and this term means here

It. And then also demand for the similar information to itself attention and respect,

Here the child understands - wish to receive that is necessary for you. Please. And

Goes to the Internet, downloads the essay and hands over it. The child releases to itself time for

Dialogue. It is time. Secondly, the standard minimum is executed also to the child on

Lesson it is possible to stay imperceptible and self.

Now the second why - Why the student goes on the given resource. A priority ?1 at

The student precisely same, as well as at the schoolboy, and I will remind is a knowledge of

Through dialogue with other people. But there are also specific lines.

More close by the end of training some have work, a family. Someone

Has grown lazy so, that if wrote once independently course and

The essay, that, seeing as others do, he understands - I too so I can and goes

To swing to itself the essay.

Why go on the Internet? All is simple. The Internet does accessible

Essays practically on any themes, except especially special. In High schools and

Schools of 99 % it is concentrated to standard themes of type - the Life

Peter the Great or That such money. As to special themes, they

Also 1 % from force are presented in collections of essays, but them there. As

For a writing of specially focused work of type Pochemu Napoleon has gone

To Russia and and here pyramids it is necessary to make huge efforts. On -

To comparison with a standard theme of times in 10 big - also it is a minimum. And time

To spend accordingly.

Why the schoolboy and the student takes the essay on the Internet (continuation)

I will remind, we have stopped on thought, that the majority of modern schoolboys and

Students use the Internet for preparation of a various sort of essays,

Reports, term papers.

Whence I it know all, the thoughtful reader will ask. After all statisticans on

To use of resources of the essay maintenance is not present. I will tell so, first,

There is no official statistics. And informal is a counter of statistics,

Which is on any service of granting of the free respecting

Course and essays... Secondly, I am at the moment of article writing

The student of the fifth year and one time was engaged in granting of services of search,

Spelling including course and essays.

And more low I result the most qualitative resources of free granting

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Course, essays and other works in this direction. I used them

Itself also has chosen them from ten others. So, resources:

1. http://referat.ru - On it a resource essays on various are presented

To themes, beginning from history and finishing physics. There is a convenient search on

To keywords. The convenient. It means - if to enter a word Tax

The account to you also will give names of works with a similar combination of words. Why I

I direct to it attention. And all is simple. There are resources, on which having entered

Word the tax account I will receive all works in which is, for example the letter ?.

Plus to all the given resource contains the list of all works which it is possible

To download to itself in the computer and to get acquainted already without the Internet with the represented

Works. In the given list of work are divided on themes and themes - that

Especially conveniently by search of some works of one theme, but different themes.

2. http://bankreferatov.net the Given resource is useful, first of all, to that

There there is a large quantity of works which are not present in other collections

Essays. That is why are in own way unique. Plus to all there

There is a possibility to contact the potential author of your term paper.

The given possibility can be realised by independent search

Separate works. As there there is a possibility to place the announcement in the catalogue

Common fault of these and all other resources consists that is not present

Unity. It is shown under the form that I have downloaded work and it is necessary it

To look and process in the Word, and it can open at the best

Only in a notebook. And in the worst in general to write hieroglyphs and symbols instead of

Thus, to use the given services it is necessary. But it is necessary ACCURATELY

To REPRESENT the PURPOSE of given use. Without the purpose to find that is necessary -

It is impossible. For as it is possible to find that, I do not know that. It also makes the main

Problem of the given sort of services. That is on them it is possible to come across, fascinate

Myself thought - here now I will understand with course or the essay. And where

To search, what to search I do not know also the nobility I do not want. But I will try endlessly.

THAT IS - last thought actually follows from all school

Formations. After all instead of learning the schoolboy or the student to put

The purpose, the teacher in 99 % cases satisfies the ambitions for the account of it

The pupil. One more percent makes soft insisting on  

Durabilities of mastering of knowledge. Refusal to learn the pupil and the student

To search of the necessary information conducts to that there are free services

Essays. They are based on a freebie. Also are useful only at the correct

Purpose statements.

And if at the student term paper unique, and the given theme earlier nobody

Considered. The student refuses to search for the information in libraries.

The first where it will go are collections of essays. Also will spend 3-4 hours

The minimum on admitting to itself - the information on the given services

No. But will be all the same frequent enough to come back to data

To services and to check - And SUDDENLY was mistaken.

Conclusion: ?????????? distributions of services of free essays is

There is no information on their maintenance and activity directions.

Results of performance of term paper under pressure

On the first course set wishing to write term papers. Still

Are free, the routine in a life practically is absent, the life only begins,

Freedom sea only has overflowed the beginner-first-year student. And here appears

Term paper. It is perceived naturally, just as

It is perceived it is natural any examination or offset. Here the supervisor of studies is chosen and here the train of consultations - was pulled

Completions, consultations-alterations. And there and then the student starts to think - and

To live on something it is necessary. I Also will go I will work a little. Work begins and

Consultations on term paper become tiresome and imposed.

The simple thing turns out - consultation is not necessary to the student, but it on it

Goes or ignores. What turns out as a result? And as a result it turns out at all equally in general

Complexities. Namely: 1. Term paper is written at night before delivery; Languages; 3. There are the first "?????????" term papers; 2. Term paper becomes simple formality. What occurs in a head of any student after on one thing? And

There is a subconscious struggle. It still only some students

It is deduced on consciousness level. To this struggle - and what for I will do a name,

If it is possible and to delegate. And here there are various specialised

Firms, simple people, other students. All of them offer - give I will make

Your course, and you only will give me the sum named me in the form of several

Paper rectangles. Many and on the second, a third year still write and refuse

To give a writing of term paper. But the majority to the fourth and the fifth

To courses become convinced - to delegate a writing OWN the course

There is a blessing. As similar service gives rest - it is possible simply somewhere

Money to take and give to the expert. In exchange to receive 8 working hours on

Man-day. Even those who study on good and excellent and those think precisely also. Than

It is fraught, the thoughtful reader will tell? After all it is the blessing. But! All, of course,

So. The exception is made by one simple thing - the student who changes

Training to put the purpose and to define problems, and terms, for monotonous work

Whether it be the seller or the watchman risks. Also risks very much and very strongly.

Risks future. And the future is that you do today. The risk consists that the former student, and nowadays the adult person

And will run from own purpose in a life. He has refused to put time

The purpose to itself independently and now reaps the fruits of such approach. And

It is expressed that such person eternally tries to oppose

To other person, entered by shout into natural norm of the life and a life

The family. And the most important thing it lives, that is refuses to live and considers

For the blessing - imposes itself violently similar point of view more truly. Considers

For the blessing - to incur tape recorder functions. That is it it is constant

Repeats the same actions and refuses to change them. After all then

It is necessary to lay down the aim. And he after all is not able to put the purpose, and to be mistaken is above it

Advantages. Though actually the error is a way to development. Unique

Way to development. To lay down the first aim, it is necessary to make the first

Step. This chance is given to the student in the form of term paper. Actually term paper is a way of training of defined

To abilities. Among them the main thing is a statement of the purpose. Ability to lay down the aim

So that it was executed by the image necessary to you. Other ability,

Which is developed by practice of a writing course independently

The accurate statement of own thoughts on a paper is called. Also I will tell as the conclusion about one important ability, which

It is inevitably formed, if you write course independently. A name to it -

Arrangement of priorities. At the initial stage I had priorities so (and

This scheme is usual for the first experience course independently): To write chapters; To write introduction from the conclusion; To format term paper; To write the literature list; To make the maintenance and the title page. Now the list of priorities in a writing course it is independent

It is put from a head on feet: To write the title page; To write skeleton of the maintenance; To write introduction; To write chapters of work; To write the conclusion; To write the literature list; To add the maintenance. Importance of arrangement of priorities consists in ability to see the main thing.

At first the work maintenance seems to the main things. Actually the main thing in the course

To work is its introduction. As the purpose there is put and problems are defined.

Without the purpose the course turns to routine work. Routine work is

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Graham L., Bern, Switzerland

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