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Recommendations about a writing of research paper for law students

The given recommendations will not be similar at all that give in high schools - here there will be no rules on registration of the text and sources of the used literature. Especially, as our practice - requirements to registration in each high school shows the. We will not say to you that it is impossible to use only two-three manuals as sources, BUT leaning against the wide experience in a writing of research papers, we will dare to you to recommend as to write research paper for maximum smaller time and is as much as possible qualitative. 

It is natural, that if you have a month on degree, and even it is more, you can not read these recommendations, and safely follow instructions of your supervisor of studies and write degree research in genre canons but if you wish to save time, money, nerves of your girl (young the person), forward! 

Before to start directly councils, we will note a number of nuances: 

- Consider that your supervisor of studies can quite visit any of sites on which there are research papers, however, doubtless advantage of our site is that we weekly spread author's research papers that names "just about from under a feather". Therefore be guided in degree by these works. 

- In any case if you aspire to make qualitative work - you should work over the degree project. 

- If competently to approach to work it is required to you not to much more than two-three hours. 

- We have written not one ten works on jurisprudence and consequently to us is what to tell. 

- Trust - to write degree for a night - more than a reality. It is checked up more than once :) 

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From the very beginning - a theme choice

If you have a possibility independently to select a theme try to choose such theme which already is in the list of ready research papers. In this case you ideally will accept degree research, for example, under the state and right Theory. Specificity of this subject in that, difference, for example, from Civil law, does not undergo essential changes, on that it and "theory". As help to the project your degree, you can use the term papers (term paper of your friend or to find serious work in the Internet). Such course will go on chapter 1 of your degree. Well if in it historical aspects, theoretical sights - that is those questions which even do not change in due course the maintenance and the form reveal. 

How to make the work plan?

Let's assume a theme of your research paper "the purchase and sale Contract" - then all simply enough. It is more difficult to make, for example, the plan for work with a theme "Problems of transfer of the earths under building". So, we will break. We will conditionally divide your future research paper into the General and Especial parts. Accordingly in "the General part" works will be considered the general questions, and in "the Especial part" a problematics of considered relations.

What it is possible to use as the auxiliary plan? Methodical recommendations, the head from the textbook or the monography, statutory act article (in an example with work "the purchase and sale Contract" is enough to open corresponding norms and will make on them the Plan) ideally will approach. To investigate any of the named sources (it is natural on your subjects) enough to present the Plan in a following kind:

Introduction (an obligatory part of the Plan - in it you should designate an urgency of the chosen theme; its readiness in jurisprudence; the approximate list of problems; degree of legislative settlement etc.) the General part of work - history of considered relations, their modern legislative settlement, concept, etc. the general questions.

Especial part of work -

The conclusion - summarising.

Thus, the approximate plan of work of signs, the following kind:

Chapter 1. The general questions of that of that

§1. History of legal regulation

§2. Legislative regulation of that of that

§3. Concept of that, its form

Chapter 2. Features of that that execution (OR: Features)

§1. An order of the conclusion and that that execution

§2. Execution of that of that

§3. A responsibility of the parties

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Chapter 3. A problematics such such ??????????????

§1. Cudebno-arbitration practice about that volume

§2. Application problems in practice

The list of the used literature

One more council - look works on our site, on their plans and make approximate for itself.

Work is looked more solidly if it has appendices

How them to make or whence to take? As "appendix" it is possible to use the given statisticans, schedules and schemes, forms of documents etc. the Part from named "appendices" it is possible to find in the literature and legal systems (for example, ready schemes), others it is possible will make. We give an example. A work theme "Management in an education sphere" (Administrative law). For appendices it is not a lot of sources, therefore it is possible to make them. Ideally the Law in a part where powers of bodies are painted for this purpose will approach. We paint them in the form of the table and the appendix is ready. One more variant is a scheme "Hierarchy of statutory acts". Simply enough to "draw" a pyramid of statutory acts.

Some more effective lotionsMeet on ?????? … To degree it too it is applicable. Wish to make effect? Hand over normally issued work! Know requirements of the head? All right them to execute. Better once it is good to issue work, than then to work over small corrections.To degree it too is applicable. Wish to make effect? Hand over normally issued work! Know requirements of the head? All right them to execute. Better once it is good to issue work, than then to work over small corrections.

That work looked more effective, make in the beginning each chapter (and also Introductions and the Conclusions) the citation of the known lawyer (the economist, the head etc.) or, an example of statistics - any effective statement on your subjects. It is possible and in English or Latin languages.

It is reception in most cases leads to due result.

One more reception is big (but in reasonable limits) quantity of footnotes. Make footnotes on "edition" of each statutory act, a footnote on opinions of researchers, statistics etc. In my opinion, in work at 60-80 p. should be not less than 30-40 footnotes. Too concerns also the list of the used literature. Even if any source only is mentioned, enter it in the list. The literature list at 60-60 p. should be approximately on 40-50 sources, including statutory acts and practice.

In work there should be enough materials of judicial-arbitration practice

"Stuff" your degree as it is possible a considerable quantity of judicial-arbitration practice. Use examples from practice for acknowledgement of norms of the Law, words of authors, problem aspects. After each example draw a small conclusion. As a rule, this "conclusion" is done for you by judges taken out the decision, therefore simply retell its words.

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Where to take materials of judicial-arbitration practice? With this question it is more difficult. Well if you have a Guarantor/adviser or other legal-reference system. If it is not present, we can prompt two ways of the decision of a question: naturally we to you will not advise to go to library - empty business. Look for practice on our site is better. 

A little more on practical materials: as a rule the volume of one decision (for example, Arbitration court) occupies 2-3 pages (14 font, 1,5 interval). Therefore count, if you use, for example, 5 practical materials will occupy 10 p. from volume your degree that is already very quite good. And the supervisor of studies should estimate! 

In work problem questions should be taken up

Where them to take or how to create a legal problem from anything? In nine degree from ten, as one of the basic problems it is underlined lacks of legal (legislative) regulation. Our country goes ten years on a way of perfection of the legislation and codification. However practically each branch of the right suffers a lack of a legal material. Therefore always it is possible to focus attention to absence of this or that special law, long duration of acceptance of the code. 

It is necessary to make on your degree research of the recommendation, to offer ways of an exit from problem questions

As a rule, to it it is devoted either the conclusion, or the separate paragraph of an especial part of your research paper. The recommendation can write by the experience, experience of the colleagues, or easier to write off in the comment, the manual or other research paper. 

How to write Introduction/conclusion 

Happens, that to write beautiful "Introduction" there is no "what-nibud main thought"... And so it is possible to look for this thought in another's works. For example, in dissertations. 

Author's essays of dissertations are, for example, on www.dissertation1.narod.ru. In spite of the fact that the author's essay - "a lump of the compressed information", in it at least reveals an urgency of this or that theme, corresponding conclusions become, the work structure reveals. It also is necessary for you. If there is an urgency substantiation - "Introduction" means is already ready, if there are conclusions - it will be easier to write "Conclusion". Therefore, if you find the dissertation author's essay is will be to you the big help. 

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For my long practice time and again there were cases, that for research paper it is necessary to eat all "night", and near at hand only the comment (in electronic form). What to do? 

Well we take the comment - we give it a kind of the readable text. The unique problem is that that the comment, therefore is as much as possible diluted by its practice. 

Example of such works written "for a night" on site pages. 

The basic maintenance of work: the General and Especial part

Research paper, as well as any certificate, should consist of the General and Especial parts. Such division is exclusively formal, but, anyhow, in the first part (chapter) of work teoretiko-historical aspects of research, and in the second part (the head or heads) a problematics of an investigated question reveal. Therefore in degree you should consider this nuance. 

On chapter 1 can ideally approach and the good course. 

It is necessary to give the big attention to an "especial" part of work. This part is your independent research on which conclusions will be drawn, recommendations are offered. 

The situation is quite possible when you actually do not have sources for a work writing. How to be in such situation? First, see all sections of our site. Secondly, than the Runet in it always is attractive it is possible to make pleasant opening. Search for articles, reports, materials of scientific conferences. Anything you like on your theme - tables, schemes, forecasts and even official news. 

Besides, your reliable support - thematic sites. I will give an example from practice on research paper which it is possible to write not leaving from the Internet. A theme "financing under a concession of the monetary requirement". A basis for such research paper - a thematic site www.factoring.ru, weights of articles on all Internet, comments. 

If you have found ready degree (dissertation) on your theme, or close on subjects Completely change "Introduction", "Conclusion" of the degree. Update the list of the used literature. Consider - the "old" work, the was changes in the legislation, so in the theory and practice more. Consider that similar work already probably came across to your supervisor of studies, or it is so progressive, that as well as you can download this degree.

Instead of the conclusion

So, we will draw conclusions: 

- Use as much as possible practical materials! 

- In work necessarily there should be a problematics and your offers under the decision of problem questions! 

- In the list of the used literature specify as much as possible monographies, even what you did not use in work! 

- Most of all give attention "Introduction" and "Conclusion" - to them pay attention on protection. 

It is a little more "honey": we communicate with teachers much. Believe, there are such "experts", which degree at all do not read, and I estimate it by eye - so before a dream about thumb through. And there is absolutely other contingent - they will force you to be turned inside out, and your research use in the "" scientific work. It what will get. And it already from psychology sphere. Estimate the supervisor of studies and give it that he wants from you. For now - work over the degree. 

How all it to make for two hours? - You ask. And the truth to make it it is difficult, but it is possible! Reject all affairs and simply undertake work: all the same is your research paper:)

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