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How to write the excellent Research paper ?

1. It is necessary to choose a theme of the degree project correctly. 

Often it appears, that the student takes a theme which does not understand and consequently there are problems at a writing of the degree project. The supervisor of studies can advise you a diploma theme because it corresponds to its own researches or for any other reasons. It is better to take a theme in which you well are guided. There can pass a variant with a theme from which anybody from a selection committee does not understand practically: in economy it can be a theme on a joint of subjects (computer science - economy), information technologies etc. 

2. To read methodical recommendations at a writing of degree projects. 

Methodical recommendations can be found on letting out chair that then there were no questions concerning registration of work, quantities of heads, substantiations of an urgency, the purposes, problems etc. 

Special attention to give to rules of registration of work: a font, registration of tables etc. 

3. It is obligatory to confirm the plan with the supervisor of studies. 

In general find out to begin with as students at your head last year were protected, how much it is competent and has influence on a certifying commission. It is desirable to appear at least time in two weeks at the head and something to it to show. If you seem one week prior to protection even with the good ready diploma - problems all the same can be. 

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Research paper is similar to the composition, someone reads Pushkin, someone Akunin. Therefore be convinced, that from you the supervisor of studies wishes to receive as a result and that you correctly have understood it. Do not try to convince the head, that it is not right, for you the main thing to be protected, and genius can prove in other place. 

If the supervisor of studies understands in your theme a little, usually it is limited to remarks on work registration, it can verify all commas, it is corrected very quickly. 

If the teacher is dissatisfied with the maintenance, it can force to alter all, that often happens at the big congestion of the teacher. He can simply forget, that in the beginning to you advised. Can show the confirmed plan and to say, that all co-ordinated, but agree to alter. 

Sometimes the more remarks, the better if they do not contradict each other. We had a real situation when we 3 times copied work, and for third time the first variant undertook, the teacher has forgotten about initial wishes. 

4. The work maintenance. 

In research paper the most important thing not the analysis of the problem put at a writing of the diploma, and your own offers on situation improvement, therefore on them also it is necessary to pay attention. (!) 

Often in works the detailed analysis which then is not used is written, or on the analysis work comes to an end, as a result you can receive an estimation mismatching your expectations. Try not to insert into the diploma all information, the most important thing - the logician of construction of work, and excessive congestion can damage only. Watch, that all heads were approximately equal. 

5. Introduction and the conclusion, the literature list. 

As time has not enough, the certifying commission usually reads only this part of the diploma, therefore they should be written faultlessly. The most important thing - they are written in the end of work (instead of in the beginning as many think). 

6. Work protection. 

It is better to go to the first day of protection, usually there estimations above. Do not drink many calming preparations, it can do much harm only. Confidently answer though something which even not are not concerning a question or always it is possible to tell, that the given problem was not included into the degree project, but you considered it. 

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The recommendation 2:

Requirements to research paper 

The student can start registration of the diploma, according to two variants: 

• after a passing examinations on all disciplines; 

• in parallel, with a passing examinations on 5-6 disciplines. 

The student of internally-correspondence branch writes the diploma during last semestre of training. 

The head of research paper 

Research paper write under the guidance of the supervisor of studies. The student of internally-correspondence branch can: 

• to choose the supervisor of studies independently; 

• to write the diploma under the guidance of the teacher reading a subject of specialisation or the supervisor of studies who to it is recommended by the dean. 

Diploma theme 

The student chooses a theme of the diploma from the approximate list of diplomas which is available in dean's office. The dean registers the chosen theme in separate magazine, bringing First name, middle initial, last name the student, the supervisor of studies and the reviewer with their statuses, a place of work and a post, date of reception of a theme. 

The independent choice of a theme if for its disclosing there is enough of practical data, sources from scientific is supposed also and periodicals, the consent of the dean and the supervisor of studies is received. In each concrete case the chosen theme of the diploma should be actual, differ novelty, prove to be true data in the form of tables, schedules, etc., completely opened. 

Diploma configuration 

Diploma pages should be grouped in a following order: 

Pages the maintenance the sample 

1 Title page 

2 "the Response..." The supervisor of studies 

3 "the Review..." 

4 "the Summary..." 

5 List of reductions, symbols, symbols, units and terms 

6 Maintenance of the diploma (table of contents) 

7... n Introduction (1st page actually the diploma) 

n... n1 ?6??? literatures on a theme 

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n2... n3 the Basic part 

n4... n5 the Conclusion (conclusions) 

n6... n7 the List of references 

n8... n9 Appendices 

The title page 

Reductions of words on the title page are not supposed. 

The supervisor of studies, after studying and corresponding editings, writes "the Response about research paper...", which comes to an end with words: "Research paper is executed according to requirements the HOOK, deserves an estimation"..."Also can be admitted to protection. 

The review 

The reviewer analyzes the presented material and writes "the Review of research paper...", in which specifies positive and negative sides of work and finishes words: "... Research paper deserves an estimation"... "". Instructions of a scientific degree, an academic status, a post, the establishment name are obligatory both for the supervisor of studies, and for the reviewer. 

The diploma summary 

The summary is made by the student, the text represents the maintenance compressed to one page, specifying a theme and its substantiation, a problem, the purpose of work and its achievement. 

The reductions accepted in work, symbols, symbols, and specific terms it is necessary to represent units in the form of the separate list. If reductions, symbols, symbols, units and terms repeat in work less than three times, the separate list do not make, and decoding give directly in the text at the first mention. 

The diploma maintenance 

The maintenance depends on division of the basic part and other parts points or subsections and points which, if necessary, can have subparagraphs. Each section, subsection, point, the subparagraph should include the finished idea and the information. The example of division and "Maintenance" registration is presented in the table. 

The diploma should consist no more than of 4 heads. 

Theme essence state under the standard scheme: introduction, the basic part, the conclusion. 


Introduction generally, - the beginning - makes the introduction to a statement of essence of work. It should contain an estimation of a modern condition of a described theme, process of historical development of a question, the basis and initial data for theme working out, a substantiation of necessity of work on the given theme and decisions of the chosen question, data on scientific value of a theme is shown. The purposes and problems, their place as a whole, a substantiation of the allocated question (volume of 1,5-2 pages) should be thus resulted. 

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The literature review 

The basic part of the diploma anticipate the review of the domestic and world literature, including periodicals and patentno-information sources, on the given theme, state their summary and the resume (volume: 7-8 pages). 

The basic part of the diploma 

Further it is necessary to cite the data reflecting essence, a technique and the basic results of the performed work, a substantiation of a choice of the accepted direction of development of a theme, methods of the decision of problems and their comparative estimation, calculation methods, principles of action of the developed objects, their characteristics, generalisation of results of their estimation etc. Also it is necessary to result the proof of essence of a theme, to show prospects of the further development of a question of a theme, to give comparative characteristics of variants, to present chosen a variant, to prove its advantages. The given question should be considered on an example of the concrete organisation. 

Depending on character of performed work a material state in the form of the text, tables, schedules, diagrammes. 

In the form of tables make out a digital material. The table it is necessary to have in work directly after the text in which it is mentioned for the first time or on the following page if the place after the text is occupied. On each table there should be a reference in work (text). 

Tables to number in the Arabian figures serial numbering within all work. Number should be placed in the right top corner over heading of the table after a word "Table". If in work one table, it do not number also a word "Table" do not write. (Volume of the basic part of 30-40 sheets). 

Conclusions should be short, but capture all subparagraphs of work. 

The conclusion 

The conclusion reflects an assessment of works and includes recommendations about practical use of results of work (volume of 2-3 pages). 

The list of references 

The list of the used references represent how it is specified in GOST 7. 


Appendices can be in the form of texts, tables, forms, decisions, positions and other documents in full or endurance from them referring to the document. 

Research paper should be stated on 50 pages of the typewritten text (not less), at 28-29 lines on one page according to STATE THAT. 

Number pages (serial numbers) from the title page, but write figure, only since sheet "Maintenance", printing figure "6". If "the Response...", "the Review...", "the Summary..." Include 2 and more sheets all their quantities consider necessarily. It means, that write figure not "6", but "7", "8" etc. page Number write in the top right corner, having receded from above and on the right on 10 mm. 

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