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To praise the book for what I will not be. Has put at all that there all is bad, there are also good fragments (especially on astronomy history), but all of them are equally copied from the old edition of 1974 Therefore at once to numerous lacks.

Parts about astronomy history, about ancient astronomy abound more than disputable statements. For example, the author has a sight at early Christianity: “... The fluent slaves naming with Christian apostles”. It is strong. No comments. Interestingly also the statement that “development of Russian culture till thirteenth century goes approximately the same rates, as well as progress of the Western Europe”. Well very "approximately", in Europe at that time all the same 200 years universities existed. It appears, that the bourgeoisie only “at the beginning with might and main supports progress to achieve for itself a place under the sun”. It is good still, that while this “the first is time” has not come to the end in all developed countries, and that who now would give us grants and credits.

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Whence all it is taken, not clearly as the literature list is absent (is not present it and in the book of 1974). It is curious, that the doctrines, died in 1476, in the middle of XV century knew about remarkable island Jamaica as in a calendar “on one of its pages it has been accurately written, that in day on March, 1st current year on Jamaica the lunar eclipse” should be observed. Meanwhile the island has been opened in 1494 and is named by Columbus at all Jamaica.

Really the author of the book at all does not represent rates of development of a modern science? Even if in 1974 something also has been written (and in 70 the author had good books, to 1998 it it is necessary not with “additions and changes”, and completely to process. In the foreword to one of the books in 1970 the author has written, that took on arms a principle “if it and it is incorrect, is thought well up”. It is necessary to give the due: it is traced and in the book “Tsarina of the sky”, but it is necessary then to write, that much in the book can be simple nonsense.

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At the author “the eye everywhere is replaced by the camera”. Well, if the PZS-MATRIX to consider as the camera it is final but while digital devices in our life only enter (if at the author of the book for a long time already have entered its incomes can be envied). In general the antiquity of sources which the author used, amazes, but to it we still will return, for now we pass to our favourite plot in this book - to companions of planets.

In a known joke Brezhnev was going to esteem “the Small earth” because all read also to all it was pleasant. The book, probably, either nobody read, or it was pleasant to nobody, well and he has decided not to read too. Otherwise than to explain, that on 202nd page it is written “thirty one companion of these planets”, and on next 203rd page in the table it is resulted, that companions it is known 65. A typing error, you will tell. We will look... On 224th page at Jupiter 12 companions, and in the table - 16. All the same a typing error? Then still. On 232nd page “at Saturn ten companions”, and in the table whole 22. On 236th “at uranium five companions”, and in the table - 15. I for the such can put two points to the pupil, instead of publish its essay on 300 pages in circulation in 6000 copies. The answer to a riddle is simple: the part of numbers from the edition of 1974 has passed in the edition of 1998 without “additions and changes”, and a part - with “changes and additions”. Actually, and with number of known comets and asteroids, and c many other things in this spirit the same trouble. All these “now is known...” Concern 1974. Dear publishing house "Contemporary", reputation is difficult for getting, but it is even more difficult to restore. How other your books to read me about in what I not the expert, if here the such?! 

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About existence of a ring at Uranium the author of the book does not know, but, despite the description of a ring of the Neptune, Saturn all the same "unique". In general, with planets full confusion, and all because of an antiquity of sources and noncritical copying.

Probably, not all will estimate a phrase “and there was a radar working on waves of an optical range”, but it is what pearl to look. More "humanitarian" phrase - “... The galaxy was not created once once and for all as spoke bible legends”. Here, it appears, about what they spoke! And I also did not know, that there about the Galaxy. Thanks that have explained. 

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I have found out also, that “is already opened more than fifty pulsars in the sky of the Earth”. If it is interesting to Mr. Tomilinu, I can inform, that already more than 1000 it is opened, and in a year-two and this number will double. In general about neutron stars already many that became known, since the book has been published, the text from which has got on pages of "the Tsarina of the sky”. And something from old hypotheses should be rejected. In particular, that “in the central areas of many stars there are wandering neutron kernels” as “American astrophysicist Tsvikki” considers. Has died before Elvis Presley, in 1974 that the information presented in the book allows to present, how much, lags behind a life.

Actually all the fourth, "astrophysical", a book part does not suit anywhere, because hopelessly obsolete. And the ending! In the description of the nature of quasars supermassive black holes are not mentioned at all, and the mentioned hypotheses already are rejected by a science. But it is a lot of place in the fourth part it is given a hypothesis of D-bodies, last years twenty practically anywhere not mentioned. Classification of galaxies is described awfully... To list everything, it is necessary to write the book. Meanwhile the first edition of 1974 had the scientific editor why and this time not to invite?

As a result the two to you, Mr. Tomilin, for your opus. I hope, other your books of 70th years so will not be republished. Well and to recommend this book “as the grant at schools, lycees and grammar schools”, I think, anybody and never will be.

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