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About term and research papers

Everything, that is stated in this text, «the Theoretical and applied linguistics» (without specialisation and with specialisation «Languages and the communications theory») concerns the students trained on a speciality 021800.

Table of contents

Table of contents 1

General provisions 1

Summaries to term and research papers 2

Procedure of protection of term and research papers 2

The basic formal stages of preparation of temp papers 2

The basic formal stages of preparation of research papers 3

About substantial requirements to term and research papers 4

About term and research papers on branch JAITK 5

About formal requirements to temp papers 5

General provisions

Temp papers are written on the second, third and fourth courses. Research paper is written on the fifth year.

The student has the right to choose independently to itself the supervisor of studies. However and the potential supervisor of studies has the right to agree or refuse to supervise over work of the given student. Therefore, having planned itself a nominee of the supervisor of studies, approach to it and ask: whether he agrees to supervise over your work? To make it follows not later than October (and in any way in June).

Together with the supervisor of studies the student defines a theme of the course or research paper.

Themes of temp papers affirm at sessions of corresponding chairs. The basis for the theme statement is the summary of the future work. It is not excluded, that on faculty meeting it will be recommended to you to replace or specify a theme.

The mark for temp paper is included in the plan of summer session. About an order of preparation of temp paper see here.

Absence of a positive estimation for temp paper has the same consequences, as absence of an estimation on one of examinations

(Finally - deduction).

Which themes will not get to the order of the rector on the admission to protection, automatically are not supposed to protection.

About the basic stages of preparation of research paper see here.

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Summaries to term and research papers

The summary is a short text (within one typewritten page), reflecting the basic maintenance of the future work. From the given text any interested person can learn:

Who is going to write course or research paper and under whose management;

What theme of planned work;

In frameworks of what theoretical concept work will be carried out (it is not excluded, that this concept will be created by the author!);

What scientific problem the author assumes to solve;

On what material and with what use of methods work will be carried out;

As the result of work should look;

The author will lean against what basic works of other linguists.

The summary is better for making by means of the supervisor of studies.

Informal explanation:

Summary drawing up - not simply additional loading. It will help also to you, and, to probably, your supervisor of studies to understand, that more accurately, actually, you wish to write. The summary will read managing chair, teachers of your chair, members of Council of Institute, the dean of faculty and-or its assistants on scientific and study. Probably, they will give you any interesting ideas or will help to specify a theme, area of researches, will recommend scientific works useful to you.

Be in earnest about it. The good summary - almost half of all future work!

Procedure of protection of term and research papers

Procedure of protection of course or research paper is arranged approximately the same as also any other procedure of protection (for example, candidate or the thesis for a doctor's degree). It includes:

Performance protected (10-15 minutes) in which the basic maintenance of work and the received results is stated;

Questions to protected from the present;

Performance of the supervisor of studies (at will of the head);

Performances of opponents (only on protection of research paper; on preprotection one opponent) acts;

Answers protected on remarks of opponents (only on protection of research paper);

Performances of all interested persons and answers protected on remarks of the acting;

Final performance protected (only on protection of research paper);

The decision of chair or certifying commission on an estimation of course or research paper.

The basic formal stages of preparation of temp papers

I. Drawing up of the summary and the theme statement

Themes of temp papers affirm at sessions of corresponding chairs in November. For this purpose employees of chairs should know that the author is going to write. For this purpose, in turn, it is necessary to write the summary to your future work.

The summary of temp paper surrenders to the deputy director on study till November, 1st of each academic year - with the signature of the supervisor of studies and managing chair

(Differently the theme of your work will not be confirmed in time).

II. End of temp paper

It is necessary to hand over ready temp papers in correctly issued kind to the supervisor of studies. With temp paper should hand over a file the deputy director on study (to. 217-219) where there is an archive of temp papers.

Terms of delivery of temp papers for students 2 and 3 courses - the same, as terms of a passing examinations of summer session. The delay with delivery course in the same way deprives of you the right to the grant, as well as at the wrong time passed examination. That will be course in case of absence, see here.

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Students 4 courses protect the temp papers on corresponding chairs between May, 10th and 25 (exact term appoints managing chair). Without procedure of protection the estimation for temp paper on 4 course is not exposed.

The basic formal stages of preparation of research papers

I. Drawing up of the summary and the theme statement

The order of the rector on the admission to protection is published in the first semestre of each academic year. Before, in November, themes of research papers are discussed at session of Council of Institute of linguistics. For this purpose members of Council should have summaries of all planned research papers.

II. Drawing up of the plan-essay of research paper

Till the end of January it is necessary to make the plan-essay (the developed plan) research paper with preliminary (however at this stage already enough representative) the literature list.

The plan-essay contains the same sections, as the work summary, however in this case all of them should be opened much in more details (plan-essay total amount - not less than 7-8 typewritten pages).

On the basis of the plan-essay of research paper the student 5 courses pass a test on predegree practice which is put down subsequently in the loose leaf in the diploma. For offset reception it is necessary to unpack the plan-essay in duplicate and to sign both copies at the supervisor of studies and managing chair. One of copies remains on chair, another it is necessary to give V.I.Podlesskoj. Offset on predegree practice puts managing chair.

To hand over the plan-essay and to pass a test on predegree practice it is necessary till February, 1st. Without offset on predegree practice students 5 courses are not supposed to graduation examinations.

Graduation examinations are spent in the end of January - the beginning of February.

III. Preliminary protection of research papers

In the end of April the student pass preprotection on chairs. On preprotection the internal opponent (one of employees of chair) which some days prior to protection gets acquainted with the preliminary text of research paper acts and makes a response.

On the basis of results of preprotection the chair makes the decision on the admission of the student to protection.

IV. Protection of research papers

Protection of diplomas is spent in June (about preprotection and protection procedure see here).

About substantial requirements to term and research papers

Course or research paper represents the qualifying scientific work which is carried out by the student under the guidance of the supervisor of studies. All demands usually shown to scientific works are made to it.

The main thing from these requirements - the novelty requirement. In work some should dare new, earlier not solved scientific problem. Works of essay character mismatch this requirement.

Informal explanation:

Course/research paper should contain certain results which are new objectively (and not just for its author). From any text, having the right to be called as the course/research paper, all its readers, including the supervisor of studies, can learn something new to themselves.

It is clear, that the in itself scientific problems solved in temp papers (especially on younger courses), can and even should be rather modest (a narrow theme; a private problem; rather small material on volume). The work containing the accurate and competent decision of a private problem, has much bigger scientific weight, than arrogant, but the poor-quality work superficially treating an extensive theme.

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To the novelty requirement completely satisfy the works which problem is experimental check of results of already existing researches and even repetition of another's researches, but on other material (other language, other text or a corpus), added with the comparative analysis of and another's results.

The scientific problem put in work should dare on material accurately revealed and corresponding to this problem. Work should be constructed so that the reader had access to the used material: it means, that in work is resulted or a material (for example, in the appendix), or references to popular sources. Inaccessibility of a used material does work not verified.

The scientific problem put in work should dare by means of methods which the author of work owns or at least seizes during work. Methods should correspond to a scientific problem and to be accurately formulated.

Any scientific work uses some theoretical device. In course and the more so to research paper its theoretical base (framework) should be accurately defined.

Informal explanation:

It does not mean, that your work should be necessarily adhered to some concrete linguistic theory (such, for example, as LFG or grammar of designs). Quite probably, that you just are going to subject to criticism all or some of existing theories and-or to offer new theories of everything, that you describe. Nevertheless from work it should be visible, first, that you in a course of existence of the linguistic theory in whole and in area investigated by you in particular; secondly, that you meaningly use some terms framework and understand, it concerns what theoretical concept. The most important thing - from work should be clear, what of theoretical approaches existing in your area, as well as in what degree you use.

Results of work should be stated in the form accessible to the reader. Result of work can be both some theoretical positions, and certain practical "things" - for example, the dictionary fragment, software product, quantitative data, methodical instructions, etc. However in itself this "thing" cannot be considered as course or research paper. Qualifying work should contain the description and a theoretical substantiation of that activity which has led the author to given result reception.

Independence and novelty do not mean, that the author of course or research paper should not lean against works of the scientific predecessors. On the contrary, it is necessary to show the acquaintance to the basic achievements in investigated area. Hence, in work there should be a representative list of the used literature.

Informal explanation:

The ignorance of the literature leads to that the author at the best «breaks open doors» more often - does that in a world science have made long before it (and more often at higher qualitative level). In the worst case work of such superindependent author only shows its gloomy incompetence in all linguistic questions.

We understand, that in a modern sociopolitical situation acquaintance to novelties of the foreign linguistic literature is complicated enough. Complexities not so are great, as many not too active students try to present them. Last years the situation with the literature starts to improve at the expense of universal distribution of the Internet. Though libraries receive not enough magazines and the new books, many new foreign magazines are now quite accessible through an electronic subscription which is and in the Foreigner, and, speak, in library RGGU. New books of publishing houses Benjamins and Cambridge University Press (approximately from the end of 90th) are accessible to reading in it-lajne. Many publications are laid simply out in a network or can be received directly at authors. In it-lajne it is possible to use many good dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Are accessible and free a corpus on the big number of languages.

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Taking into account all it we insist that students-linguists should show acquaintance to the basic domestic and foreign works in investigated area, including works of last 15 years.

We pay attention of students that preparation of works on the most investigated languages (except Russian) can cause the greatest difficulties: on English, German, etc. To languages of scientific works, including absolutely new it is, a lot of, and access to them can appear inconvenient. You can be helped by active and competent using the Internet - for example, dispatch LinguistList.

Complexities with literature search should be considered at a stage of a choice of a theme - it is necessary to reconnoiter at first, what works will be necessary for you and where them to get, and already then precisely to outline borders of the future research. See about it the book «How to write research paper» (.: the Book house "University", 2001; is on sale in "Centaur") which all of us recommend to read.

About term and research papers on branch JAITK

Requirements to term and research papers for students with specialisation «Languages and the communications theory» in general the same, as for linguists without specialisation. However we expect, that students of branch JAITK will show more interest to applied problems. For them the works having this or that practical exit are rather recommended. For example, in term and research papers following problems can be solved:

· transfer of any text and the linguistic comment to transfer (variants: the analysis of already existing transfer; comparison of two or more transfers); it is a question of the linguistic analysis as original, and transfer (distinct from philological, cultural urological, historical and other comments);

· drawing up of the dictionary or a dictionary fragment (speech can go both about automatic/computer, and about the traditional dictionary);

· methodical recommendations about teaching with a linguistic substantiation.

Certainly, works of purely theoretical character are admissible in the same measure, as for students-linguists without specialisation.

About formal requirements to temp papersCover is necessary for the diploma.

Formal requirements to temp papers are not strict. However in work nevertheless there should be a title page containing the most basic data: a name of the author, a course, the name of work, data on the supervisor of studies, chair, year. A recommended font size - 12, an interval - one-and-a-half. Attempts to increase volume of work at the expense of a fragmental printing and through three intervals will deceive nobody.

The sample of the title page of research paper is hung out on the Institute site.

Any work, even the most practical (for example, transfer), should contain the list of the literature issued according to norms of a scientific discourse. The sample of registration of the list it is possible to look in any qualitative scientific edition, both in Russian, and in the foreign. The necessary information contains also in U.Eko's already mentioned book or other works on this theme.

The literature list should be representative enough. In the list, certainly, it is impossible to specify exact quantity of names, however lists from less than ten names are insufficiently representative even for temp papers, and from the student we have the right to expect the list from forty and more names. In the list not all proceedings which you ever read but only to what you refer in the text of your work, certainly, are specified.

If in your work reductions the list of reductions is necessary also are used.

If your language uses any drawing, except a Latin or Cyrillics it is necessary to give examples in a transcription or, even better, - both in the schedule, and in a transcription.

In the end of work there can be appendices - those materials, which are useful or necessary for acquaintance to your research, but which were not included into the basic text of work (for example, the fragment of the dictionary created by you; the case of examples used by you; the text which you translated or analyzed etc.)

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