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Examination can be essay type - that is on any theme or a question then it is executed as the essay.

Examination can be made of several questions from different sections of studied discipline. Such work, as a rule, demands the laconic answer to the put questions. In such work as practical tasks or problems can be in addition offered.

In a writing of examination there is nothing difficult, except necessity of possession good knowledge on discipline, in registration examination is very simple and, as a rule, does not demand even arrangement of references to sources and the used literature, but thus the literature list should be made. 

AS MOST COMPETENTLY TO WRITE TERM PAPERTERM PAPER - independent work of the student which allows to estimate, first of all, scientifically-methodical knowledge of the student on discipline. Term paper, as a rule, is written on general scientific and special disciplines of the curriculum. On the construction term paper is similar to the essay. But thus in term paper it is necessary to show knowledge of sources and ability to work with them. In term paper, as well as in the essay, important profound studying of any question, its consideration from the different points of view, reflexion of scientific polemic on it.

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The structure of term paper should join following parts: introduction, the basic maintenance and the conclusion. In the end of work the list of actually used literature is resulted.

In introduction the author should prove an urgency of the selected problem, to reveal degree of its readiness and to formulate the primary goals which will dare in work.

In the basic part of work the theme maintenance is stated. This part is recommended to be divided into 3-4 questions comprehensively opening a theme the course. To increase number of questions does not follow, as it will lead to their superficial statement or considerable excess of volume of term paper.

It is necessary to state a material consistently, logically, demonstratively. In the work text one question from another is necessary for separating, giving to them subtitles that it was clearly visible where begins and where their illumination comes to an end. However it should not break communication between questions. To state them follows so that one question followed from another. All questions of this part of work should be opened full enough.

The conclusion should represent generalisation of the stated material, the formulation of conclusions and the proved offers following from the maintenance of term paper.

Further the appendices consisting of schemes, diagrammes, schedules and tables which owing to their variety or bulkiness is inexpedient to place directly in the work text can be resulted.

In the end of term paper the list of the used literature made according to rules of the bibliography and in certain sequence is resulted.

One of the major requirements shown to students, term papers, independent and their creative performance is writing. Independent, creative character of a statement is expressed that the student each question of the plan shines under the scheme thought over by it, correctly uses references, uses and makes comments on citations, not overloading them the text, does not suppose the extraneous, sketchy positions which logically among themselves have been not connected, results independently chosen actual material for an illustration of the major positions of a theme, co-ordinates analyzed theoretical positions to the practical validity.

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Therefore at a writing of term paper for full and correct disclosing of the maintenance of the chosen theme it is necessary for the student (depending on discipline on which term paper is written):

To study scientific works on the given problem, published by visible Russian and foreign scientists;

To know laws, the governmental orders and decrees of the President of the Russian Federation on the problems concerning a theme course;

To familiarise with the statistical data published in periodicals and statistical collections;

To study articles on the selected theme in branch and special scientific magazines.

It is very important, that the work text has been written by a simple language that work substantive provisions were correctly and accurately formulated. Language, style of a statement, ability to build short offers to express the opinion in the clear, accessible form which is not supposing different interpretations, play the big role. It is necessary to observe the standard uniformity in application of terms, symbols and reductions of words, weights and lengths. Other reductions are not supposed.

As practice shows, the part of term papers is estimated unsatisfactorily because of the serious language errors leading quite often to distortion of the maintenance of questions and semantic errors. That there were no stylistic and other defects of a statement, it is recommended to use modern editions of dictionaries of Russian of V.Dalja, S.Ozhegova, dictionaries of special terms and foreign words, branch and general encyclopaedias.

Students perform term paper under the guidance of the teacher. The executed work surrenders for check.

If work corresponds to shown requirements, the teacher estimates it positively and in writing in the form of the review informs on it to the student. Work is supposed to protection, and the problem of the student - to protect it positively.

Unsatisfactorily executed work is subject to processing according to the remarks of the teacher containing in the review. Repeatedly executed work surrenders together with the first variant of term paper and the review of it. 

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RESEARCH PAPER - the total work estimating knowledge of the student for all passed course. Very important competently to approach to its writing. As a rule, research paper represents independent research of pressing question in the selected area. Research paper has for an object check of special theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the student. Research paper can be prepared on the basis of already available essays and course.

Preparation of research paper should be begun with acquaintance to approximate subjects of research papers and definition of a theme of the future research paper.

Only completely having studied the literature selected on a given theme, having specified the plan of term paper, it is possible to start a statement of questions of a theme. As a source of reception of the information on the literature and other sources on the selected theme serve: the list of the literature which is available: in the course program, in methodical recommendations about preparation for seminar employment, in methodical recommendations about preparation and registration of term paper about the chosen discipline; special scientific researches, periodicals. Further it is necessary to study attentively methodical instructions, to get acquainted with the requirements shown to final qualifying works.

Following stage in work is scheduling. The made plan of work should be necessarily co-ordinated with the supervisor of studies.

Structural elements of final qualifying work are: the title page, the maintenance, introduction, the basic part, the conclusion, the list of the used sources and the literature and the appendix.

Introduction should contain an estimation of expediency of a theme of final work, its interrelation with modern problems. In introduction the urgency and novelty of a theme, communication of the given work with other research works should be shown. In introduction are formulated the purpose and research problems, the object, a subject, a technique and research methodology are specified, the work structure is proved.

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The basic part reflects results of theoretical and practical work of the student spent on the selected theme, contains results of research, conclusions and specific proposals on a problem. The basic part of final work shares on chapters. Heads of the basic part can share on points and subparagraphs. Each point should contain the finished information.

The conclusion should contain short conclusions by results of research. Here should be summed up theoretical and practical working out of a theme of final qualifying work, conclusions under the decision of the problems put in introduction are drawn and offers and recommendations about the further application of the received results are formulated.

The list should contain the list of sources and the literature, used at performance of research paper. Construction of the bibliographic list in final work is necessary for making out regularly by kinds of editions.

The appendix make out as continuation of research paper on its subsequent pages, them have as occurrence on them of references in the work text. It is recommended include materials in appendices which for any reasons cannot to be included in the basic part of work.

In all the rest it is necessary to adhere to recommendations about an essay writing.

Remember, for appreciation reception for any student's work it is necessary to observe following simple rules:

1. At the moment of reception (choice) of a theme of work, is better to approach to the teacher and to set to it some questions on work is its attention will draw to you from a positive side (not in which case do not set silly questions).

2. When the work plan will be ready, is better to show it to the teacher. As after updating of the plan of work by the teacher your chance of successful delivery of work increases to 99 %.

3. At a writing of work you necessarily should represent, the teacher in the form of your work wishes to receive what exactly from you. It is necessary to write work always how the teacher even if it disperses from logic and common sense wants. If you go against "will" of the teacher, your chances of appreciation reception will be equal 50 % / 50 % and will demand from you very high knowledge in a subject and especially on a studied theme - that will allow to argue with the teacher (but so to do I I do not advise - senselessly!).

4. It is necessary to hand over work accurately and purely, accurately stitched and it is obligatory with the title page. It is not necessary to forget a proverb that «meet on clothes …». But work should be as is competently written - «… and see off on mind!».

If you take advantage of the councils resulted above by me 100 % the success to you is guaranteed!

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