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People are shifting to the modern technological trends in doing almost everything in life. In this regard, the management of the DressForFabuLESS has decided to launch a new online marketing company for the latest designs of clothes, shoes and bags. The will assist in bridging the wide gap between the buyers and sellers of these products. The target group, mostly the youth, will easily access the site by just clicking. Hence, they will get all the necessary information on the various companies dealing on the most modern fashions in the market. The company will get payment depending o the total number of visitors to its site.

Because this is an investment, it is upon the management to plan well and source for adequate funds to enable it meet its budget. This is because, a lot of money will be required for purchasing the necessary equipments; sales promotion; designing; developing and maintaining the site.  An online activity can not be executed without computers, stable internet and relevant trainings.  

If this is done, everything will succeed as planned. As a result, a lot of profits will be made. This is due to the fact that youth, the target market, constitutes the largest proportion of the world population. At the same time, they are accessed to the internet. 

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